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Great Spurs Kits

Great Spurs Kits Of The Premier League Era

Latest Spurs book

If you visit the official site's club shop you will find that the latest book offering being promoted is The Spurs Shirt.I thought it would be nice to reflect on some of our recent kits:-

Football kits used to just be a shirt, with a badge sewn on if you were lucky, in a color that made you visually distinct from whichever team you were playing. For years that’s all they were. It’s only when money started getting involved in the game in a big way in the early 80s that the idea of a changeable ‘kit’ that fans might want to wear became a popular idea, and some time after that when clubs would change their kit once a season.

The cynic in you might say that releasing a new kit year after year is just a money making exercise, but a good kit can linger in the memory, especially if they’re related memories of great players and great seasons. Part of the reason classic kit websites now exist is because people like to feel nostalgia, and make connections with their own youth through the things they knew and did when they were young. Since the formation of the Premier League, we’ve been lucky enough to see some great kit designs at Spurs. We’ve had some real stinkers, too, but we’re not going to talk about them!

Here’s just a few of our absolute favourites.

1994/1995 Home Kit, Umbro Made, Holsten Sponsored

Ask someone who doesn’t follow Spurs closely who they’re sponsored by, and they might still tell you ‘Holsten’. They’ve had two separate spells as our shirt sponsor, but the last was nearly twenty years ago, so it’s a wonder that it sticks in people’s memories the way it has. Perhaps it’s because they’re also the first shirt sponsor we ever had.

As to why this kit sticks out in the mind; there’s a couple of reasons. It’s a simple and classic look; nice and sharp, with proper prominence given to the club crest, and more than a little in common design-wise with the England shirt from World Cup 1990, which is similarly great. Also, it’s the shirt that Jurgen Klinsmann wore during his first spell with the club, in which he was a goal-scoring sensation. Although it seems crazy to say so now, foreign players weren’t a common sight in the Premier League in 1993. Klinsmann was the first real big name signing to come to England at the peak of his career, and he was a huge success. We may not have won anything that year, but we’d proven that big-money internationals could cut it in the English game. Nothing was ever the same again.

1998/1999 Home Kit, Pony Made, Hewlett-Packard Sponsored

This was the webmaster! At first glance, this might seem like an odd choice. It featured the amended club crest, which was only used for the duration of this shirt’s existence, and was criticised in some quarters for looking too much like West Ham’s. However it has a special place in our memory because we were wearing it when we won the 1999 League Cup, which just about avoided the ignominy of finishing the decade having won no major honours since the start of it.

In terms of the playing squad, it’s David Ginola we always see wearing this shirt; he was majestic in 98/99, almost ever-present along with, bizarrely Darren Anderton, who must have been doing his warm ups properly that year. Ginola was in fact so good that on occasions he even made a George Graham team seem exciting!

2016/2017 Away Kit, Under Armor Made, AIA Sponsored

This is another unusual choice, but bear with us on this. When this kit was released, we were just glad we finally had an away shirt we could look at without squinting. We don’t know what it is about the series of kit manufacturers we’ve had in the last 30 years; we don’t know what instructions they get from the club, or why they seem to struggle with picking a colour when all it needs to do is avoid clashing with white, but we sometimes get stuck with truly horrible away kits. This one wasn’t horrible. In fact, it’s elegant, and the dark blue and gold colour scheme gives it an almost regal appearance. This was a kit worthy of champions, although sadly it wasn’t to be.

This was our ‘nearly’ season, ending up second to Chelsea and, like the season before, fooling ourselves into thinking we might actually go on to win the league at various points. It remains the high point of Poch’s reign so far. In terms of players who wore it best? Harry Kane. Obviously Harry Kane.

Honourable Mention:-
2007 125 Year Anniversary Shirt, Puma Made, Mansion Sponsored

We didn’t wear this all season, but it was still worn for a Premier League game, and that means we can still select it! On our 125th anniversary in 2007, we wore a white and light blue half and half shirt against Aston Villa, designed to hark back to the shirts worn by the very first Tottenham Hotspur sides way back in 1883. It’s a fine resemblance, too, if you ignore the big ‘Mansion’ logo on the front.

On that topic, by the way, did you know that we’re actually unusual in that Mansion are the only gambling company who’ve ever sponsored us, and that we don’t have a gambling based sponsor now when over half the other teams in the Premier League do? Twenty years ago it was all camera companies and booze, now it’s all online casinos. That being said, with the rate that new UK online slots websites spring up, and the money they make, it’s no surprise they’re everywhere. We’ll inevitably have one again soon. In fact, we’d rather have a UK based casino website sponsoring us than a life insurance company that nobody’s ever heard of. If we’re going to spend money, we’d rather gamble on whether or not we can win a few slot games than whether or not we’re going to die!

Back to the shirt, it looked great. Almost; but not quite; great enough to wish we wore those colors all the time. They must have inspired us somehow, because even battling relegation under Martin Jol, we came back from 4-1 down to draw 4-4 with Aston Villa and rescue a point, with Robbie Keane performing heroics and a young Gareth Bale acquitted himself well.

Which year was this?

Have we missed out your favourite? What are your best memories of Spurs shirts down the years? And why are our away kits often so terrible? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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