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Fixtures and Results: 1999-2000

Listed below is the fixtures and results of Tottenham Hotspur FC for the 1999-2000. Click on the match name for the respective eye-witness match report.

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August 7th West Ham Utd (A) 0-1   26,010 -
August 9th Newcastle Utd (H) 3-1 Iversen, Ferdinand, Sherwood 28,701 -
August 14th Everton (H) 3-2 Sherwood, Leonhardsen, Iversen 34,539 4th
August 21st Sheffield Wednesday (A) 2-1 Ferdinand, Leonhardsen 24,027 1st
August 28th Leeds Utd (H) 1-2 Sherwood 36,012 7th
September 12th Bradford City (A) 1-1 Perry 18,143 10th
September 16th Zimbru Chisinau (H)UEFA Cup 1st Rd 1st Leg 3-0 Leonhardsen, Perry, Sherwood 32,660 Cup Match
September 19th Coventry City (H) 3-2 Iversen, Armstrong, Leonhardsen 35,224 9th
September 26th Wimbledon (A) 1-1 Carr 17,368 8th
September 30th Zimbru Chisinau (A)UEFA Cup 1st Rd 2nd Leg 0-0   7,000 Cup Match
October 3rd Leicester City (H) 2-3 Iversen (2) 35,591 10th
October 13th Crewe Alexandra(H)Worthington Cup 3rd Rd 3-1 Leonhardsen, Ginola, Sherwood 25,486 Cup Match
October 16th Derby County (A) 1-0 Armstrong 29,815 8th
October 23rd Manchester Utd (H) 3-1 Iversen, Scoles(o.g), Carr 36,072 5th
October 28th Kaiserslautern (H)UEFA Cup 2nd Rd 1st Leg 1-0 Iversen (pen) 35,177 Cup Match
October 31st Sunderland (A) 1-2 Iversen 41,904 7th
November 4th Kaiserslautern (A)UEFA Cup 2nd Rd 2nd Leg 0-2   32,000 Cup Match
November 7th Arsenal (H) 2-1 Iversen, Sherwood 36,085 6th
November 20th Southampton (A) 1-0 Leonhardsen 15,248 6th
November 28th Newcastle (A) 1-2 Armstrong 36,460 7th
December 1st Fulham (A)Worthington Cup 4th Rd 1-3 Iversen 18,134 Cup Match
December 6th West Ham Utd (H) 0-0   36,233 7th
December 12th Newcastle Utd (H)FA Cup 3rd Rd 1-1 Iversen 33,116 Cup Match
December 18th Middlesborough (A) 1-2 Vega 33,129 7th
December 22nd Newcastle Utd (A)FA Cup 3rd Rd Replay 1-6 Ginola 35,415 Cup Match
December 26th Watford (H) 4-0 Ginola, Iversen, Sherwood(2) 36,089 6th
December 29th Aston Villa (A) 1-1 Sherwood 39,217 6th
January 3rd Liverpool (H) 1-0 Armstrong 36,044 6th
January 12th Chelsea (A) 0-1   34,969 7th
January 15th Everton (A) 2-2 Armstrong, Ginola 36,144 7th
January 22nd Sheffield Wednesday (H) 0-1   35,897 7th
February 5th Chelsea (H) 0-1   36,041 7th
February 12th Leeds Utd (A) 0-1   40,127 8th
February 26th Coventry City (A) 1-0 Armstrong 23,077 9th
March 4th Bradford City (H) 1-1 Iversen 35,472 8th
March 11th Southampton (H) 7-2 Richards o.g, Anderton, Armstrong (2), Iversen (3) 36,024 6th
March 19th Arsenal (A) 1-2 Armstrong 38,131 7th
March 25th Watford (A) 1-1 Armstrong 20,050 8th
April 3rd Middlesborough (H) 2-3 Armstrong, Ginola 31,796 10th
April 9th Liverpool (A) 0-2   44,536 11th
April 15th Aston Villa (H) 2-4 Iversen, Armstrong 35,304 12th
April 19th Leicester City (A) 1-0 Ginola 19,764 10th
April 22nd Wimbledon (H) 2-0 Armstrong, Anderton 33,086 10th
April 29th Derby County (H) 1-1 Clemence 33,044 9th
May 6th Man Utd (A) 1-3 Armstrong 61,629 10th
May 14th Sunderland (H) 3-1 Andertonpen, Sherwood, Carr 36,070 10th