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Youth Team reports - 2005-2006 season

Spurs Odyssey is often represented at Youth games, mostly played at Spurs Lodge at Chigwell. Whenever there is an original report, you will find it here!

Click on the match name (if link is available!) for a match report.

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Latest FA Academy League Results

Sat 27 Aug (H) Spurs Lodge Man Utd U-18s 1-2 Hamed -
Sat 03 Sep (H) Spurs Lodge Millwall U-18s 1-1 Dawkins -
Sat 17 Sep (H) Spurs Lodge Fulham U-18s 3-0 Seanla (2), Hamed -
Sat 01 Oct (H)Spurs Lodge Birmingham U-18s 2-0 Lewis, Hamed -
Sat 08 Oct (H) Spurs Lodge Bristol City U-18s 0-3 - -
Sat 22 Oct (H) Spurs Lodge Reading U-18s 3-2 Seanla (2), Hamed -
Sat 05 Nov (A)Shenley Sports Ground Watford U-18s 1-1 Barcham -
Sat 19 Nov (H) Spurs Lodge Aston Villa U-18s 2-7 Dixon, Seanla -
Sat 10 Dec (H) Spurs Lodge Cardiff U-18s 3-2 Mills, Dixon, Seanla -
Sat 04 Feb (H) Spurs Lodge Watford U-18s 5-0 Dawkins, Davis, Barcham, Heller, Lake -
Sat 25 Feb (H) Spurs Lodge Leicester U-18s 0-4 - -
Sat 18 Mar (H) Spurs Lodge Arsenal U-18s 1-2 Lewis -

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