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S 60.71%
P 75%
U 58.57%
R 63.57%
S 52.14%
= 61.99%

Form Guide April/May 2006

P  W  D  L  F - A  GD  Pts
7  3  1  3  8 - 9  -1   10
Pos:- 5th

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It has been a great 24 hours for Tottenham Fans, after the victory of Barcelona last night in Paris, but some of what I record in this article will temper our joy, as I have to remind you of what COULD have been, had it not been for the disastrous events of May 7th in East London.

It's no use harping on about the mystery illness that affected so many of our 18 man squad on the day of our most important league match for years, but the gooners' defeat reminds us of what COULD have been a precious Champions' League berth for the mighty Spurs!

In compiling this form guide for our last 7 Premiership games, I am reminded that perhaps we did not lose fourth place because of one day, but as a result of points lost over the course of the season. Our last 7 games amounted to nearly 20% of the Premiership season, and sadly the loss of 3 of those games, and a negative goal difference does not amount to true Champions League form.

We had a disastrous first half against Glenn Roeder's re-inspired Newcastle side. (The image on the right was taken after Jermaine Jenas's glaring miss). The defeat against Manchester United was honourable, and we know all too much about the West Ham game. A degree of satisfaction was taken from the fact that the Hammers ran out of steam in extra time at Cardiff, and might not have worked so hard against us if Alan Pardew and not the tea lady had given their pre-match team talk.

Spurs were none too convincing at home against Manchester City or Bolton, and yet I can say that overall, our football seemed to get better as the run-in games became more and more vital.

There can be no faulting our lads for their effort throughout this period, where we had to manage without Ledley King, and also Jenas in the closing games. The draw at Highbury was a highlight, and the fact that we have already signed a top class striker in Dimitar Berbatov PLUS agreed a record shirt sponsorship deal is the start of an excellent close season, and a great future for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

Whilst we witness what we hope is the wane of the club at the other end of the Seven Sisters Road and laugh about the cancelled "Victory" parade, the "priceless" Henry image, and countless other moments of schadenfreude, we Spurs fans look forward to more progress in the coming years and a return to Glory! The future really is Lilywhite!

...if you want to remind yourself of the matches played during this month, then See the Fixtures page here. By working your way back through the previous month's figures, you can review the performances over the last 5 years!

S Skill levels
P Pluck (ie effort)
U Unforced errors*
R Resolve (defensive ability)
S Score ratio (goals to shots)
= Overall mark Total Percentage
Percentages given for each category.

* less errors equals a higher mark

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Jermaine Jenas's pose after his glaring miss in front of the Gallowgate crowd tells the story of the final act of the season for Spurs, despite UEFA Cup qualification


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