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Tottenham Hotspur - Top Superstitions Fans Should Know

Tottenham Hotspur - Top Superstitions Fans Should Know

Spurs matchball

Image: Pixabay.com

If you’re a Tottenham Hotspur fan, you already know that it’s one of the greatest teams ever in the history of English football. It’s had its successes as well as its failures, just like any other team, but it’s still going, bringing the game to a whole new level every time.

But are you aware that there are some interesting superstitions associated with the team as well? These good luck superstitions run the gamut from spilling food or drink on your team shirt to where to sit in the stands. Here are the top superstitions every true Tottenham Hotspur fan should know.

Spilling food or drink on a white Tottenham jersey

For some reason, the white Spurs jersey has a symbolic, almost religious, meaning to many fans. The white jersey symbolises the club’s iconic status, and, as such, the jersey should remain spotless. But there’s a superstition among some fans that spilling food or drink on a Tottenham jersey whilst watching a match is good luck.

Even though spilling food or drink may bring better luck when it’s done accidentally, some fans insist on spilling their food or drink deliberately on their Spurs jersey. Some enthusiasts swear by this ‘strategy’, claiming that it has spurred on (pun intended) a win or two.

Never purchase any red clothing

Spurs have long been associated with the colour white, and some fans also swear to never purchase any kind of red clothing. This can, perhaps, be attributed to the Spurs’ clothing range, released a few years ago, which was called ‘never red’, which contributed to fans loathing the colour. The colour red, as any Spurs fan knows, is closely associated with United and Arsenal, and this negative connotation serves as a deterrent for Spurs fans to purchase red clothing.

Finding the right seat

If you like watching a match or two, then you should also be mindful of where you sit, according to Tottenham Hotspur superstition. As a general rule, fans are supposed to sit nearer to the west stand than the east stand, if they want their team to win the match. This may or may not be related to pricing. Seats in the west stand tend to cost more than seats in other stands. But even when it comes to sitting in the other stands, some fans still swear picking the right seat is important – which can either be a seat in the south stand or a seat in the north stand, but located at the west side of the centre.

Whether or not you believe in such superstitions, they’re a source of fun for many Spurs fans as they enjoy watching and supporting their favourite team play.

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