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S 6.7
P 7.1
U 5.7
R 6.8
S 6.5
= 65.6%

Spurs v Liverpool
Date: 28.11.12
Score: 2-1
Full Match Report (when published)

Player Grades
(Marks out of 10)

Lloris 7.2
Walker 7.1
Dawson 6.8
Gallas 5.8
Vertonghen 6.7
Lennon 7.4
Sandro 6.7
Dembele 7.0
Bale 8.3
Dempsey 6.1
Defoe 6.1


Friedel -
Naughton -
Livermore -
Huddlestone 5.5
Townsend -
Carroll -
Sigurdsson 5.5

Andre Villas-Boas

Team Selection 7.6
Tactics 6.8
Substitutions 6.3


Mr. P. Dowd 6.9

S Skill levels
P Pluck (ie effort)
U Unforced errors*
R Resolve (defensive ability)
S Score ratio (goals to shots)
= Overall mark Total Percentage
Individual Marks out of 10.

* less errors equals a higher mark

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