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S 57%
P 62%
U 53%
R 54%
S 64%
= 58%

Form Guide Feb 2005

P  W  D  L  F - A  GD  Pts
5  3  1  1 10 - 6   4   6
2 Cup Matches
Pos:- 8TH

January 2005 figures
Last year's figures
February 2004

During February, Spurs played 5 games, two of which were FA Cup ties. We did not fail to score in any game, and all our 10 goals have been scored by our 4-man strike force, used wisely by Martin Jol.

As I write, Spurs have progressed to the FA Cup quarter-final, and stand 8th in the Premiership with every chance of qualifying for a place in Europe by one means (probably the league) or another. Spurs fans would do well to keep their feet on the ground and remember that most of us simply hoped for progress this season, which surely we recognise. The team needs our constant encouragement to try and raise their game that little bit more to succeed in what would be a bonus, if Europe is to be achieved.

The overall performance figures are still a little disappointing for a side with the strength in depth that Spurs now have. Whilst our ability to score has been well-demonstrated this month, defensive errors have given us too much work to do at times, and we failed to convince against lesser opposition such as West Brom and Forest.

It is time for the midfield to top up the scoring charts, and there is no reason why that cannot happen with Simon Davies returning to form, and Andy Reid playing a prominent part in our Premiership programme from now on.

I have chosen to highlight Mido on the right, as his two-goal debut against Portsmouth was the first such opening account since Chris Waddle in the 80s. The future does look bright, as it is Lily white!

...if you want to remind yourself of the matches played during this month, then See the Fixtures page here. By working your way back through the previous month's figures, you can review the performances over the last 4 years!

S Skill levels
P Pluck (ie effort)
U Unforced errors*
R Resolve (defensive ability)
S Score ratio (goals to shots)
= Overall mark Total Percentage
Percentages given for each category.

* less errors equals a higher mark

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Mido made a great double-scoring debut in Spurs colours against Portsmouth and deserves being highlighted this month


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