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S 59%
P 66%
U 57%
R 61%
S 68%
= 62.2%

Form Guide February 2007

P  W  D  L    F-A  GD  Pts
5  3  0  2   11-8   3   6      
1 Cup Game
Pos:- 9th

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I ended my notes on January's performance on an optimistic note, stating there was still plenty for Spurs to play for, despite the nature of our Carling Cup exit to our nearest rivals. However, I did forewarn against getting decent results in our February games. When we lost by that 4-0 margin at home to Manchester United and then at Bramall Lane (a scoreline I correctly predicted), I felt confident enough to predict that we could not win a place in Europe through the Premiership.

As a football fan (not just as a Spurs fan), one experiences many highs and lows, and in the space of five games in the month of February, we have felt desperation and great elation, thanks to Dimitar Berbatov's sublime performance against Bolton, and a great team effort in those last three games.

Statistically of course, the Man Utd game was a thrashing, but you know it wasn't really like that. They cheated their way to that penalty as the first half closed. Oh, alright, Ronaldo cheated us out of a goal! Then within minutes of the re-start Ferguson's team secured the result, and Spurs had no hope. Bramall Lane was always going to be difficult, but it did not make such a poor effort by our lads easy to bear.

Things just got better and better with four classy goals at Craven Cottage (more of the same please in the quarter-final at Stamford Bridge!), a late win at Everton, and ecstacy and sublimity on Sunday with that 4-1 win against Bolton, despite the sending off of Robbie Keane, whose appeal has already failed.

Notable "Spursometer" statistics to pass on are the full marks I gave for effort in the Bolton game. This month's overall figures are the best since October, and the score ratio is the best achieved since October 2005!

Jermaine Jenas has made a great impact with a goal in each of his last three games, and four since returning from injury, and in normal months, he would get my Player of the Month award.

This month though, I have to give it to Berbatov, who won unanimous plaudits for his fantastic skills on Sunday, and of course the two goals he scored at Fulham, where he only played the last 18 minutes! Berbatov's individual performance against Bolton surely ranks as one of the best seen at The Lane from a Spurs man for several years.

Despite still being in three competitions, Spurs have just five games in March (all to be played by 17th March), as the last week-end is International time. It would be a dream to be reporting success on all three fronts, but it will be tough at Chelsea. However, 6 points from our two Premiership games at West Ham and at home to Watford must be achievable, and we have every chance against Braga, who finished third in their Round Two UEFA Cup group.


...if you want to remind yourself of the matches played during this month, then See the Fixtures page here. By working your way back through the previous month's figures, you can review the performances over the last 5 years!

S Skill levels
P Pluck (ie effort)
U Unforced errors*
R Resolve (defensive ability)
S Score ratio (goals to shots)
= Overall mark Total Percentage
Percentages given for each category.

* less errors equals a higher mark

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Dimitar Berbatov gets my man of the month award for February, for two goals at Fulham and pure sublimity at home to Bolton