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S 69.16%
P 69.16%
U 60.83%
R 59.16%
S 72.5%
= 66.12%

Form Guide March 2007

P  W  D  L   F-A  GD  Pts
6  4  1  1  17-13  4   6
4 Cup Games
Pos:- 7th

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March 2006

Whilst there is a full Premiership programme today (31st March, 2007), I can assess Spurs' form for the last month, as we play Reading tomorrow. It has certainly been an exciting month, which included 4 Cup games, and some of the best football we have seen from Spurs in a long, long time. (Apart from February of course!)

The form figures are the best since October, 2005, both for the overall figure, and significantly the score ratio. For so long it has been a mystery why Spurs have not scored more often, when they have four International strikers at their disposal.

As you know, I invited submissions with examples of the five skill areas that make up the exclusive "Spursometer". Here is a selection of those offered:-

Skill Aaron Lennon's cushioned knock back for Tainio to score against West Ham. The cross had come such a long way and at such a pace that it would have been difficult just to bring the ball under any sort of control but he actually did more than that and set it up perfectly for Tainio to have a strike on goal. (Submitted by Paul Mannion)

Effort I would go for Michael Dawson all round. Whatever the situation is, from minute 1 to minute 90, he is not scared to put his head in front of the ball even if there are feet flying all around him. You can see the determination in his face. He will not let a long ball pass him under any circumstance (Submitted by Steven Taylor). Comments were also offered regarding the team effort at West Ham and at Stamford Bridge.

Unforced Errors Gardner v Braga away (penalty award). With the ball coming into the area and trailing 2-0, Braga would be looking for any kind of contact and "Big Ant" duly obliged. (Submitted by Simon Haynes). Chimbonda's slip to allow Watford a consolation goal was also offered.

Defence West Ham away. The seconds are ticking down and a draw is inevitable unless West Ham can score with what would surely be the last kick of the game. They take a free kick short and it goes to Zamora. Danger for Spurs if he gets the ball in as West Ham have packed the box with everyone. Unbelievably Spurs with pure skill (ok stretching a bit maybe) steal the ball (Lee) and with only one West Ham player back Spurs break with 5 players and win the game. (Submitted by Dave Keenan). This was a case of turning defence to ruthless attack, but there were cases of individual defending put forward, which included the work of Young-Pyo Lee versus Drogba against Chelsea. However, Stalteri's last second goal at West Ham (pictured on the right) serves to encapsulate Spurs' winning mentality at the moment.

Score Ratio Paul Robinson's goal got a few mentions, as did the West Ham and Chelsea away games, but Paul Mannion provided this comment about Dimitar Berbatov:- "Berbatov, who scored 4 goals in 5 starts and he not only scored from just about every clear cut chance he had, but also produced that fantastic free kick at West Ham." With 17 goals in the 6 games, the whole team has certainly managed a good score ratio!

Many thanks to all those who took the time to enter the competition, and congratulations to the two selected winners - Paul Mannion, and Steven Taylor, who both win a 7-disc DVD Ultimate Spurs Collection, courtesy of ILC Sports, where you can still buy many Spurs DVDs

Some teams will have played only two games in March, but Spurs had four Cup games, reaching game 50 for the season tomorrow at home to Reading. In April, we have seven (potentially 8) more games to savour. Let's just hope we can keep scoring more than the oposition; keep up the entertainment; and perhaps make continued progress in the UEFA Cup!

...if you want to remind yourself of the matches played during this month, then See the Fixtures page here. By working your way back through the previous month's figures, you can review the performances over the last 5 years!

S Skill levels
P Pluck (ie effort)
U Unforced errors*
R Resolve (defensive ability)
S Score ratio (goals to shots)
= Overall mark Total Percentage
Percentages given for each category.

* less errors equals a higher mark

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Stalteri's last second winner at Upton Park really encapsulates the month for Spurs with regard to effort, turning defence to attack, and the winning mentality!