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S 60.65%%
P 66.13%
U 57.7%
R 59.84%
S 55.87%
= 60.04%

Form Guide 2001-2 Season
6 out of 10 for Hoddle

2001-2002 was Glenn Hoddle's first full season as manager of Spurs. The "Spursometer" (unique to Spurs Odyssey) form guide (completed for each first class game) has now been calculated for the season and can be compared with last year's performance, most of which was under a previous manager. (Known at Spurs Odyssey as "The Predecessor").

This season's overall performance mark is some 3.64% higher than that of last year. There has been a considerable imrpovement in skill (14% higher) with marginal imrpovements in each of the other categories, other than that for effort. Rather surprisingly, there has been a slight decrease in effort, perhaps influenced by the failing energy of the older players, but also by that terrible knock to the team's confidence after Cardiff.

Spurs had a good Autumn, and April showed something of a return to the sort of form shown earlier in the season. In conclusion, the "Spursometer" confirms that there has been progress under Glenn, but we need that striker, AND despite our strength in numbers at the back, the defence needs more backbone. The favoured 3-5-2 does tend to be a bit leaky goalwise!

S Skill levels
P Pluck (ie effort)
U Unforced errors*
R Resolve (defensive ability)
S Score ratio (goals to shots)
= Overall mark Total Percentage
Percentages given for each category.

* less errors equals a higher mark

The Spursometer was brought to you by Spurs Odyssey in association with My Eyes Have Seen The Glory.

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