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Reserve Team Fixtures and Results

Please note that the first and last three HOME fixtures will be played at White Hart lane. The remaining home fixtures will be at Clarence Park, St Albans. ALL fixtures are subject to late changes. Reserve matches are rarely played at the same ground as the relevant first teams. I shall endeavour to keep you up-dated throughout the season.

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Tue 22nd Aug Highfield Road Coventry (A) 0-3 - -
Wed 06 Sep Sutton Wimbledon (A) 0-0 -  - 
Tue 12th Sep 7pm WHL Chelsea (H) 1-2  Fenn   
Wed 27th Sep 7.30pm St Albans Watford (H) 2-1  Korsten, King   
Wed 4th Oct   Charlton (A) 0-5  -  - 
Tue 10th Oct 7.30pm Friendly Stevenage (A) 3-0  Clemence(pen), Piercy, Korsten  - 
Tue 17th Oct 7pm WHL Southampton (H) 2-0  Toner, Korsten  - 
Tue 24th Oct 7pm WHL Leicester (H) 6-0  Korsten (4), Piercy, Gardner  - 
Tue 7th Nov   Derby (A) 0-3  -  - 
Tue 14th Nov 7.30pm St Albans Ipswich (H) 2-0  Korsten, Hillier  - 
Tue 21st Nov   Nottingham Forest (A) 3-1  Korsten (3)  - 
Tue 5th Dec 7.30pm St Albans West Ham (H) 0-0  -  - 
Tues 23rd Jan at Kingstonian   Chelsea(A) 2-4  Etherington, Ferguson   
Tue 13th Feb 7.30pm St Albans Wimbledon (H) 3-0  Korsten (pen), Hillier, Ferdinand  - 
Wed 21st Feb   Watford (A) 2-1  Kamanan, Ferguson  - 
Tue 6th Mar 7.30pm St Albans Charlton (H) 0-0  -  - 
Mon 12th Mar   Southampton (A) 0-7  -  - 
Tue 20 Mar 7pm WHL Derby (H) 0-0  -  - 
Mon 2nd Apr   Leicester (A) 2-1  McEwen (2)  - 
Wed 11th Apr 7pm WHL Nottingham Forest (H) 1-1  Ferguson  - 
Wed 18th Apr   Ipswich (A) 2-0  Ferguson (2)  - 
Tue 24th Apr   West Ham (A) 2-1  Hillier (2)  - 
Wed 2nd May 7 pm WHL  Arsenal (H) 1-0  McEwen  - 
Tue 8th May 6pm Highbury Arsenal (A) 0-4  -  - 
Tue 15th May 7pm WHL Coventry (H) 1-2  Toner  - 

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