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S 57.86%
P 65%
U 57.86%
R 57.14%
S 55.17%
= 58.71%

Form Guide November 2006

P  W  D  L  F-A  GD  Pts
7  5  1  1 14-8   6   7  
3 Cup Games
Pos:- 11th

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As each month of this season passes, so we have an increase in games. There were 6 in October, 7 in November, and there will be 9 in December. It is certainly a hectic schedule, and more expensive than usual for the truly dedicated supporter, who travels not just up and down the country, but now across Europe too! Thousands of Spurs fans are even willing to follow their team in the hope of getting a match ticket, and if that is not possible, then at least to savour some of the atmosphere and experiences around the ground and nearest City of note.

There have been some highs and lows this month, but surely the highest point has to be the magnificent 2-1 victory over Chelsea. This was the hoodoo that had been allowed to go on for far too long, and Spurs are stuck with an awful Premiership record against the West London side for a few years to come, whatever the progress we may make.

Progress is the name of the game really. That win over one of the most expensive sides in the world was one giant step for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and such a morale booster for everyone connected with the team - especially we fans!

There have been several highs during the month. The UEFA Cup game at home to Brugge turned out to be one of the most entertaining performances by a Spurs side for ages, and the atmosphere in Leverkusen was fantastic, with "Martin Jol's Blue and White Army" ringing out for a full 20 minutes before Berbatov's winning goal.

Berbatov has scored 4 goals in the 7 games, three of which have come in Europe, but now we have had the bonus of real quality in the shape of all three goals in the Wigan game last Sunday. In fact, most of Berbatov's goals have a touch of class about them. Most of us recognised his quality from the outset, but it takes goals to instil confidence in the fans, and not least in the player, and his team-mates. Aaron Lennon deserves a mention too for his fine winner against Chelsea, and plenty of scintillating wing-play.

The overall form score is not that great though, due to the very poor showing at Reading, where the players really did let themselves down. However, as Martin Jol says, Spurs have only lost 1 of their last 14 games, and it really is not fair to dwell on the negatives, but to carry on enjoying the level of progress and success we are enjoying. Remember, we are in the last eight of the Carling Cup, and assured of our place in the knock-out stages of Round Three of the UEFA Cup.

We made one giant step in November. May we make another giant step on Saturday at "Cashburton Grove", when we face our local enemies down the road.

...if you want to remind yourself of the matches played during this month, then See the Fixtures page here. By working your way back through the previous month's figures, you can review the performances over the last 5 years!

S Skill levels
P Pluck (ie effort)
U Unforced errors*
R Resolve (defensive ability)
S Score ratio (goals to shots)
= Overall mark Total Percentage
Percentages given for each category.

* less errors equals a higher mark

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Dimitar Berbatov typically in control of the situation against Club Brugge at White Hart Lane


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