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Spurs Odyssey U21 Premier League Fixtures & Match Reports 2012-2013 season

The Club will compete in the inaugural Barclays Under-21 Premier League this season.

The new league is part of the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) and has been devised as part of the new system that will help bridge the gap between Academy and First Team.

We're one of 23 clubs taking part, 17 from the Premier League and six from the Championship.

The teams have been split into two groups of eight and one of seven, with a full home and away programme in the initial group stage.

We will kick-off with a trip to Newcastle on Saturday, August 18 - the same day we open our Premier League campaign with a 5.30pm kick-off at St James' Park.

The groups are as follows:

National Group One - Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Everton, Norwich City, Reading, West Bromwich Albion, West Ham United.

National Group Two - Aston Villa, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Southampton, Stoke City, Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspur, Watford.

National Group Three - Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Middlesbrough, Wolverhampton Wanderers.

After this first group stage, the clubs will be placed into three groups based on their performance. Spurs did qualify for the Elite Group

The top three teams from National Group One and Two and the top two sides from National Group Three will qualify for the Elite Group, with the other clubs making it into Qualification Group Tier One or Qualification Group Tier Two depending on their finishing position.

The teams will again play home and away with the top three teams from the Elite Group qualifying for the knockout semi-finals.

The winners of the two Qualification Groups will take part in a play-off to decide who will make up the quartet. The semi-final winners will then contest the final.

The emphasis will be on playing U21 players with each team limited to just three over-age outfield players and one over-age goalkeeper.

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Sat Aug 18
Newcastle Training Ground
Newcastle (A) 4-6 Mason, Falque (2), Ceballos - -
Wed Aug 29
7 pm - Altrincham
Man Utd (A) 1-2 Mason (pen) 571 -
Sat Sep 01
11 a.m - Spurs Lodge
Sunderland (H) 2-2 Pritchard, Falque - -
Mon Sep 17
11 am - Hotspur Way, Bulls Cross
Stoke (H) 7-2 Mason 3 (1 pen), Ceballos, Obika, Byrne, Parrett - 5th
Mon Oct 01
7 pm - White Hart Lane
Aston Villa (H) 3-3 Obika (2), Stewart - -
Mon Oct 15
Staplewood - 2.30 pm
Southampton (A) 4-2 Own goal, Obika, Ceballos (2)   4th
Sat Oct 27
11 a.m - Hotspur Way
Man Utd (H) 4-2 Veljkovic, Ceballos, Bentaleb, Obika - 3rd
Sat Nov 03
11 a.m - Hotspur Way
Newcastle (H) 6-0 Obika (2), Mason, Ceballos, Pritchard, Parrett - -
Mon Nov 12
2 pm - Venue TBC
Southampton (H) 4-0 Falque (2), Obika, Coulibaly Est. 500 1st
Sun Nov 18
3 p.m - Nantwich
Stoke (A) 4-1 Pritchard, Ceballos, Mason (pen), Townsend - 1st
Mon Dec 10
12 noon, Cleadon
Sunderland (A) 1-2 Ceballos - -
Mon Dec 17
7 p.m - Villa Park
Aston Villa (A) 3-0 Mason, Parker, Donacien (o.g.) 170 1st
Mon Jan 14
1pm - Hotspur Way
Wolves (H) 5-1 Townsend, Carroll, Obika (2), Falque - -
Sat Jan 26
10.30 a.m. - Hotspur Way
Southampton (H) 2-2 Coulthirst, Pritchard - -
Mon Feb 04
12 noon - Hotspur Way
West Ham (H) 3-2 Obika, Kane, Gallifuoco - -
Mon Feb 11
12 noon - Liverpool Academy
Liverpool (H) 1-0 Obika - 1st
Fri Feb 15
12 noon - Hotspur Way
Man Utd (h) 3-1 Obika (3) - 1st
Sat Feb 23
12 noon - Hotspur Way
Arsenal (H) 4-2 Fryers, Dombaxe (pen), Munns (2) - 1st
Mon Mar 04
7pm - Telford FC
Wolves (A) 3-4 Coulthirst, Munns, Parrett 193 1st
Mon Mar 11
1pm - Hotspur Way
West Brom (H) 4-0 Munns (2), McEvoy, Coulthirst - 1st
Mon Mar 25
1pm - The Hawthorns
West Brom (A) 4-0 Bentaleb (2), Parrett, Ceballos (pen) - 1st
Mon Apr 01
7pm - Anfield
Liverpool (A) 3-1 Ceballos (2), McEvoy 2,551 1st
Mon Apr 08
7pm - Upton Park
West Ham (A) 1-1 McEvoy - 1st
Mon Apr 15
7 pm - Salford City Stadium
Man Utd (A) 0-1 - 2,183 1st
Mon Apr 22
7pm - Barnet FC
Arsenal (A) 1-0 Bentaleb 2,394 1st
Mon Apr 29
2.30pm - Eastleigh
Southampton (A) 0-0 - - 1st
Mon May 13
7pm - White Hart Lane
Everton (H)
Play-Off S-F
3-2 Pritchard, Obika (") 887 Play-off S-F
Mon May 20
7pm - Old Trafford
Manchester United (A) 2-3 Obika, Pritchard 4,500 Final