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Match Reports
Preview Arsenal v Spurs, 08.11.03

Here is Brian Judson's preview of the game

Full Record of Spurs -v- Arsenal

Prem          Pl  W   D   L  For-Ag  Pts
Home          11  4   5   2  11 -10  17
Away          11  1   5   5   8 -15   8
Total(Prem)   22  5  10   7  19 -25  25
Football Lge
Home(Div 1)   55 24  12  19  93 -83  63
Away(Div 1)   55 16  12  27  65 -85  46
Total(Div 1) 110 40  24  46 158 -168 109
Total(Prem)   22  5  10   7  19 -25  25
Total(Div 1) 110 40  24  46 158 -168 109
Grand Total  132 45  34  53 177 -193 134

Arsenal at Highbury! Yes, it's the time of the season where we should disinfect our clothes, borrow a clothes peg for our nose. wear our oldest clothes and, with garlic around our necks, venture forth to enter Dante's Inferno from Hell.

At one time, it was Tottenham who were noted for setting records but it has been far too long since we set any, apart from losing matches. Our record against Arsenal is becoming just as boring as the litany of defeats sustained against Chelsea. It is a pity that we are playing Arsenal when our latest goalscorer has been injured and is unlikely to be back very quickly.

Arsenal had a long spell at the top of the tables in the 1930s but the current spell of success has been almost as long as that enjoyed in the 1930s. Since George Graham's side first began to win honours, Arsenal have enjoyed silverware in most seasons. These days, Arsenal tend to disregard these games as secondary to the great prize of winning the Champions League. In their mind's eye, they have dismissed Tottenham as small beer, which, unfortunately, we are.

It is understandable why those of my generation tend to look back to the 60s, 70s and 80s with nostalgia. The last really serious attempt to win the League Championship was as long ago as 1984-85. OK, we did have some promising teams after that but the point I am making is that it is Arsenal who provide the football and Spurs the rubbish in too many matches. It really sticks in my craw that the roles have been reversed.

Those of us who can remember Tottenham's golden years will remember some games that threw up some high scoring matches. It didn't matter what the recent form had been : when Spurs and Arsenal clashed, the form book went right out of the window.

The last time that Arsenal were threatened with a relegation struggle was as long ago as season 1955-56 when, at one point of the season, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs were propping up the rest of the old First Division.

Of all the matches between the two clubs that I have seen, two of them stick out. Both were inevitably played at Tottenham since I rarely visited the Library, as I did not want to contaminate my nostrils. The 5-0 victory Spurs thumped Arsenal at Easter 1983 saw a patched up Tottenham side thump the Gooners - hands up those who remember George Wood in the Arsenal goal allowing Chrissie Hughton to score twice in the opening stages of the game! But, to be fair, I remember December 23rd 1978 when THEY thumped us 5-0. 'Chippy' Brady was brilliant that day and really took Tottenham apart.

Looking at the statistics and form generally, I can't see us winning tomorrow. At best, I can only see us losing by a narrow margin, say 2-1. At worse, I dare not think!

I wish I was going but I know in my heart we have NO chance.

COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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