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Match Reports
Preview Chelsea v Spurs, 13.09.03

Here is Brian Judson's preview of the game

Full Record of Tottenham Hotspur -v- Chelsea

Premier      Pl   W    D    L    For-Ag  Pts
Home         11   0    5    6     9- 21   5
Away         11   0    4    7     7- 22   4
Total (Prem) 22   0    9   13    16- 43   9
Football Lge
Home (Div 1) 42  20    9   13    79- 57  51
Away (Div 1) 42  19    6   17    63- 50  46
Total(Div 1) 84  39   15   30   142-107  97
Football Lge
Home (Div 2)  2   1    1    0     7-  4   3
Away (Div 2)  2   0    1    1     1-  4   1
Total(Div 2)  4   1    2    1     8-  8   4
Total (Prem) 22   0    9   13    16- 43   9
Total(Div 1) 84  39   15   30   142-107  97
Total(Div 2)  4   1    2    1     8-  8   4
Grand Tot   108  40   26   44   166-158 110

Let us begin this preview by dealing with the most dismal aspect of it first. The following is the dreadful sequence of results over the years since 1986-87 :

86-87      1-3     2-0
87-88      1-0     0-0
89-90      1-4     2-1
90-91      1-1     2-3
91-92      1-3     0-2
92-93      1-2     1-1
93-94      1-1     3-4
94-95      0-0     1-1
95-96      1-1     0-0
96-97      1-2     1-3
97-98      1-6     0-2
98-99      2-2     0-2
99-2000    0-1     0-1
00-01      0-3     0-3
01-02      2-3     0-4
02-03      0-0     1-1

This is becoming ridiculous! I simply cannot see how we can hope to beat Chelsea because the statistics above show we have yet to beat them in the Premiership. A whole generation of Spurs supporters have grown up without feeling the exhilaration of a Spurs victory over the Blues. And given the amount of money they have showered all over the world in buying new players beggars belief. It is always nice to have a sugar daddy but one wonders just how long things will continue to be as rosy as they currently are.

If I were Claudio Rainieri, I would be most upset if I became aware that there were moves to bring in someone of the stature of Sir Alex Ferguson. Rainieri may not have a fluent command of English as he would undoubtedly wish but there is little doubt that there are those who feel he is not the right manager to steer Chelsea to the top of the pile.

It is now clear that for most Premiership clubs there is little hope of qualifying for the Champions League. Most clubs are now simply making up the numbers in the Premier League. Tottenham certainly are at the moment.

I find the recent break for internationals rather annoying since it instils a sense of stop/start at the beginning of the season. I am very unhappy by the increase in international football. There is far too much of it. And it is little wonder players become more prone to injury.

It is all a fry cry from the days when Chelsea meekly obeyed the FA and turned down the chance to play in the inaugural European Cup in season 1955-56. They have thus had to wait all this time for a taste of life at the top. The FA were years behind the times in those days (some people think they still are!) but that was largely because the Football League was hamstrung by administrators who had no concept of the modern game.

I am thankful that I will not be able to go to the Bridge on Saturday. It is a horrible feeling when one's hopes are built up time and time again and the Blues snuff them out. Once we beat the Blues again, I am sure we can give them some stick once again. I don't think it will be this weekend, however. We are simply not good enough. Hoddle has made a start on rebuilding the team but he needs to take it further.

Meanwhile, the Blues are probably entitled to feel cocky for the time being but they cannot pretend to be the finished article until they start winning honours consistently.



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