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Match Reports
Preview Spurs v Wolves, 06.12.03

Here is Brian Judson's preview of the game

Full Record of Spurs -v- Wolverhampton Wanderers

Prem         Pl   W   D   L   For- Ag  Pts
Home          0   0   0   0    0 -  0   0
Away          0   0   0   0    0 -  0   0
Total(Prem)   0   0   0   0    0 -  0   0
Div 1
Home         31  21   6   4   76 - 40  50
Away         31   9   7  15   46 - 60  27
Total(Div 1) 62  30  13  19  122 -100  77
Div 2
Home          6   5   1   0   18 -  9  11
Away          6   1   0   5    6 - 16   2
Total(Div 2) 12   6   1   5   24 - 25  13
Total(Prem)   0   0   0   0    0 -  0   0
Total(Div 1) 62  30  13  19  122 -100  77
Total(Div 2) 12   6   1   5   24 - 25  13
GRAND TOTAL  74  36  14  24  146 -125  90

Spurs have not played Wolves for League points since Micky Hazard scored the only goal of the match in March 1984. They were about to descend the Football League rapidly to renew acquaintance with the basement regions and were not to sample top flight football again until the start of the current season. Despite the millions that Sir Jack Hayward has released to their managers over the years, Wolves have found it extremely difficult to recover the position in football they lost.

At one time in the 1950s, Wolves were regarded as the best team in the world. This was before the advent of the European Cup. In fact, it was because Wolves were so successful in floodlight friendlies that the European Cup was conceived. The Wolves side of that day was so arrogant that some Spurs fans even refused to decorate their houses with Flowers simply because Wolves had a player of that name!

But the team eventually fell apart because of the progress of Father Time and they spent a few seasons dividing their time between the top two Divisions before that awful descent to the Fourth Division.

I am sure that the match between the two clubs that sticks out in one's mind the most is the FA Cup Semi-Final between the two clubs. Spurs had come within a whisker of winning the original match at Hillsborough until Kenny Hibbitt had conned Clive Thomas into awarding a penalty which Carr had converted. Those who were there will remember the fantastic atmosphere at Highbury, which was packed mostly by Spurs fans. The best goal of the night came from a mighty shot from Ricky Villa from close to a midfield position. The roar that went up would have done a Cup Final justice! How sweet it was to reach a Cup Final at Highbury of all places!!!!

Another victory I remember is the 6-1 victory in February 1982, the day the current West Stand was opened. Villa scored three that day with Falco, Hoddle (from a penalty) and Crooks completing the rout.

But for the older members, we remember the UEFA Cup Final of 1972. I saw the First Leg of that Final on TV. Who will ever forget Chivers taking two strides before hammering home a 40-yard goal at Molineux? Or of Mullery knocking himself unconscious as he scored for us after 9 minutes of the second leg? Or of Mullery being the only player trying to perform a lap of honour with the UEFA Cup among a forest of fans invading the pitch?

Wolves have had a disastrous season to date and look like returning to the Football League. One wonders why they purchased Steffan Iversen in view of his track record for being injured. He has spent a lot of his time on the sidelines yet again and is unlikely to play on Saturday. But Nathan Blake continues to be very lively and will have to be watched. WE MUST BEAT WOLVES! The situation at the bottom is very tight indeed!

I take us to win 2-1 but, again, we may have to be patient!


Cheers, Brian

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