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Match Reports
Preview Pack - Blackburn v Spurs - 04.12.04

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Last Year's Game - Blackburn 1 Spurs 0
This week - last year
What happened in the Premiership in Match 16 2003-4

Full Record of Spurs -v- Blackburn Rovers

Prem        Pl   W   D   L   For-Ag  Pts
Home        10   5   1   4   12- 14  16
Away        10   4   1   5   12- 10  13
Total(Prem) 20   9   2   9   24- 24  29
Football Lge
Home(Div 1) 24  16   4   4   63- 30  36
Away(Div 1) 24   5   5  14   23- 50  15
Total(Div 1)48  21   9  18   86- 80  51
Football Lge
Home(Div 2)  6   5   0   1   22-  8  10
Away(Div 2)  6   2   2   2    9-  7   6
Total(Div 2)12   7   2   3   31- 15  16
Total(Prem) 20   9   2   9   24- 24  29
Total(Div 1)48  21   9  18   86- 80  51
Total(Div 2)12   7   2   3   31- 15  16
Grand Total 80  37  13  30  141-119  96
Last Six Premiership results:-

Great new Spurs Head to Head Records in this new publication! (Spurs Odyssey is grateful to Bredon Books Publishing for their permission to quote certain statistics from their book in the compilation of this preview)

Chelsea    4-0   Blackburn
Blackburn  2-2   Liverpool
Norwich    1-1   Blackburn
Man City   1-1   Blackburn
Blackburn  3-3   Birmingham
Fulham     0-2   Blackburn


Spurs      1-2   Bolton
Fulham     2-0   Spurs
Spurs      2-3   Charlton
Spurs      4-5   Arsenal
A. Villa   1-0   Spurs
Spurs      2-0   M'brough

Pos           P   W  D  L  F - A  GD  Pts
13  Spurs     15  4  4  7  14-17  -3  16
17  Blackburn 15  2  7  6  16-29 -13  13

It's funny how, these days, Premiership fixtures seem to occur almost on the same date each year. Blackburn have been the guests at White Hart Lane for our last home game of the last two seasons, and are due to fulfil that fixture at the end of the current season. But this is an away match being played almost at the same time as last year's meeting, when the clubs were in similar positions to their current plight. Then, Rovers were 17th after 13 games with 11 points. Spurs were 12th, with 15 points. Not much has changed in that respect, then with Spurs 13th and Blackburn 17th in the current table.

Blackburn are of course the only team other than Arsenal and Manchester United to have won the Premiership, but after that they had to spend two years in the Nationwide wilderness before fighting their way back under the stewardship of Graeme Souness, who has now gone to Newcastle. New manager Mark Hughes was one of the Rovers' heroes of their 2002 Worthington Cup victory over Spurs, and it seems that he has managed to imbibe his new charges with some of the spirit that he used to display for every team he graced.

Rovers are unbeaten in the League since a 4-0 drubbing at Stamford Bridge 6 games ago, and they then drew 4 games on the trot, including a great come back at home against Birmingham, when Steven Reid looked very impressive on the right. If their 2-0 win at Craven Cottage is anything to judge by, then, on form, there can only be one winner this Saturday in Sky's 5.15 evening game.

Spurs have been stung, though, by that mid-week Carling Cup defeat at the hands of boys, not men, and I fancy Martin Jol will have psyched up his troops for what promises to be an entertaining battle. We have some winnable fixtures before travelling to Old Trafford on January 4th, but this trip and next week's match at Eastlands, Manchester will be big tests. Whilst I think we will be doing very well to get three or four points from these two, I can't see us doing better than a draw this week at Ewood Park.

Expect Naybet to return, along with Mendes and Defoe (who has to miss the City game). There is a worry about Ledley King and Calum Davenport will travel anyway, eager for a full debut.

The Spurs Odyssey report is likely to be posted on Sunday.

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