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Match Reports
Preview Pack - Chelsea v Spurs - 19.09.04

Last Year's Game - Chelsea 4 Spurs 2
This week - last year
What happened in the Premiership in Match 6 2003-4

Full Record of Tottenham Hotspur -v- Chelsea

Premier      Pl   W    D    L    For-Ag  Pts
Home         12   0    5    7     9- 22   5
Away         12   0    4    8     9- 26   4
Total (Prem) 24   0    9   15    18- 48   9
Football Lge
Home (Div 1) 42  20    9   13    79- 57  51
Away (Div 1) 42  19    6   17    63- 50  46
Total(Div 1) 84  39   15   30   142-107  97
Football Lge
Home (Div 2)  2   1    1    0     7-  4   3
Away (Div 2)  2   0    1    1     1-  4   1
Total(Div 2)  4   1    2    1     8-  8   4
Total (Prem) 24   0    9   15    18- 48   9
Total(Div 1) 84  39   15   30   142-107  97
Total(Div 2)  4   1    2    1     8-  8   4
Grand Tot   110  40   26   46   168-163 110
Great new Spurs Head to Head Records in this new publication! (Spurs Odyssey is grateful to Bredon Books Publishing for their permission to quote certain statistics from their book in the compilation of this preview) Last Six Premiership results:-


Chelsea    1-0   Leeds
Chelsea    1-0   Man Utd
B'mingham  0-1   Chelsea 
C.Palace   0-2   Chelsea 
Chelsea    2-1   S'hampton
A. Villa   0-0   Chelsea


Wolves     0-2    Spurs
Spurs      1-1    Liverpool
Newcastle  0-1    Spurs
West Brom  1-1    Spurs
Spurs      1-0    B'mingham
Spurs      0-0    Norwich

Pos        P  W  D  L  F-A GD  Pts
2 Chelsea  5  4  1  0  6-1  5  13
6 Spurs    5  2  3  0  4-2  2   9

The two best Premiership defences of the season so far meet in this clash before the Sky Sunday cameras! Yes, it's true! Both teams are also undefeated in those five games played at this stage, and the only other undefeated team is unbeaten since the 2002-3 Premiership season. Just read that first sentence again, and ask yourself how long it has been since you could refer to Spurs defence in such terms?

Yes, we all know it's early, but a statistic is a statistic, don't you know? Another statistic that even the pundits are fed up with mentioning is the one about when Spurs last beat Chelsea, and we all know it hasn't yet happened in the history of the Premiership.

Chelsea have conceded only that early Beattie goal at Stamford Bridge in their Premiership exploits, and despite the array of talent at his disposal, Jose Mourinho has preferred a clinical approach to the game, which has been most successful. Not successful enough to keep them as close behind Arsenal's tails as they would like, and, let's face it, if Chelsea fail to win the Premiership after spending over 300 million in their quest, then it will be a great failure, won't it? Arsenal are likely to have sent Bolton packing back North with no points in their Saturday game, and it will be interesting to see if Chelsea play their more cautious approach, or whether they try and take the game by storm to stay two points behind the other London team.

Another surprise has been the players at Mourinho's disposal that have been left on the sidelines. One or two, such as Robben and Duff started with injuries, but neither they, or Scott Parker have found a way into the manager's favour as yet. Spurs made a good start in last year's corresponding fixture, eventually losing 4-2, but only three of the Chelsea starting line-up that day are likely to feature on Sunday. Even Cudicini can't make the team!

Spurs team is likely to change little from last week, with the possible exception of a start for Simon Davies. Sean Davis will be missed, as he has been such a king-pin in the start we have had, and Michael Carrick is not fit enough to make his debut as yet.

It's going to be hard, but Spurs have had the kitchen sink thrown at them a couple of times already when facing at least three strikers from teams desperate for an equaliser. I just have a sneaky feeling that we may hold out again, and get a draw. If you want a scoreline, I'll go for 1-1, but another 0-0 would not surprise me, despite Chelsea's mid-week Champions League exploits.

If you are a betting man, then the odds on a Spurs win in a two-horse race are rather irresistable at around 6-1 or 13/2. You can even get 11/4 for the draw. I think it may be worth speculating a fiver of your hard-earned cash.

Want another amazing statistic? How about this one? Ledley King has yet to commit a Premiership foul this season. Read that again, then read the first sentence of the preview again. Focus on these matters, and believe that Spurs just might end that record!

Yours truly - Uri Geller:)

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