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Get to Know Some of the Biggest Poker Winners Still Playing Today

Get to Know Some of the Biggest Poker Winners Still Playing Today

Did you know that one of the first tournaments that reached a million-dollar prize pool was the WSOP main event held in 1983? Thereafter it only got better to the $10 million prize pool of the 2004 WSOP event. However, it's not just the prize pool that makes the difference but the players as well. Below we look at just 3 of these recent biggest winners on the Poker tables across the world out of the hundred others that are just as legendary.

Poker chips

From Sweden - Martin Jacobson

Many of the world's players can only dream about winning big pots of money at any poker game; however, some of them have had the good fortune of being one of them. In 2014, a WSOP main event held in the USA, started with over 6000 players, and after a few hours went down to the top 9 players facing each other on the table.

One of the top 9 players left was the Swedish professional poker player, Martin Jacobson, who, in the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em walked away with $10,000,000. This has been the fifth-largest payout in the history of poker tournaments. Plus he got a bracelet too!

Many of the major poker sites also host these WSOP tournaments such as the ever popular https://ggpoker.co.uk, which has its very own super circuit online series where players have the opportunity of winning up to $100 million in cash prizes - sometimes more. If you win, you get invited to the team championships.

From Canada – Daniel Negreanu

Hailing from Canada, Daniel has been an avid poker fan for many years and still continues to win the big bucks. In taking breaks from the pool, Negreanu saw himself becoming one of the most lucrative players in the history of poker. Perhaps it was his love for numbers or the thrill of a challenging game against opponents that got him going. Whatever the reason, he has won some of the biggest cash pools to date.

He won the WSOP bracelet back in 1998 and is now the most recognizable player throughout the world and is part of the GG Poker team. To date, he has won 6 bracelets, 39 WSOP final tables, 127 fistfuls of cash and $42 million in live cash games. He has the innate ability to read people, which not many players have and this advantage has elevated him to the top rankings and the status of 3rd position on the All-time Money List.

From USA - Dan Bilzerian

The Armenian-American actor who joined the navy SEAL played in movies such as the ‘Lone Survivor’ and ‘War Dogs’, only to become one of the most high profile players in Poker and is known for his 32 million followers on Instagram. He has been competing in some of the biggest poker games in the world and “Blitz” is always looking for the next best thing wherever it is available. He flies from one place to the other on his private jet.

Blitz doesn’t only always play for the money but he truly does love the game, as well as his fans both online and offline. He is also on other popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and when he is not playing the high stakes he is a businessman and continues his acting career. In the world series of 2008, he cashed in over $36,000 and played on tables with minimal buy-ins of $2 up to $200,000.

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