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Manchester United v Spurs, 10.01.98

"It was Twenty Years ago today!"
article published January, 2018, but first written in 1998


Scorer:- Giggs, 44,67

Attendance:- 55,281

Referee:- Mr. P.E. Alcock

Teams:- Man Utd:- Schmeichel; G. Neville, Johnsen, Pallister, Irwin; Beckham, Scholes, Giggs; Solskjaer, Cole, Sheringham

No sub used

Spurs:- Baardsen; Carr, Vega, Calderwood, Campbell, Wilson; Fox (sub Brady, 77), Clemence (sub Sinton, 54), Berti; Klinsmann, Dominguez

These comments were provided by "THFC Steff" of the Spurs list. Note that Espen Baardsen played in place of the injured Ian Walker, having substituted for him in the preceding Fulham cup tie......

some opinions having just seen the game:

1) Dominguez is vastly overrated. I've seen him more than a few times now (both live and on the telly) and whilst he looks good on the ball his distribution/lack of basic football intelligence belies any moments of skill he creates. He wasted much possession for us.

2) Fox had another solid-to-decent game. significantly, Klinsmann always looked for him, and Fox supplied our two best crosses of the game.

3) Vega is a liability. how many more times must people see this erratic 'defender' mess up when it counts? his positioning is simply awful half the time. I would rather Mabbutt's lack of pace and brains than Vega's at times farcical bursts of energy and subsequent inability to do his paid-duties.

4) Sol looks increasingly dejected.

5) Clemence looks more assured with every game he plays: hopefully his confidence will not erode.

6) Brady should've been on much earlier and Dominguez should've been the one to make way. I know, I know, as many attacking players as possible, but Dominguez was always going nowhere (ironically when he hit the side-netting in the first-half, a quick look up 20 yards further back and he would've seen Klinsmann unmarked in acres of space.

7) Espen Baardsen had a great game, his only possible blemish coming with the first goal for which (IMO) he was fouled by Teddy. With 4 defenders on the scene, you certainly hope that this would've been a situation we could've got out of. His save from Cole in the first two minutes did, i am convinced, make this more of a game than it could've been. Great handling generally, committed to his decisions and deserves a run in the first team: I'm still more confident of him than Walker at this point. the second goal saw him let down by his defence (VEGA) who once again failed to mark properly.

8) had Ginola played today, i feel certain we would've got more goalscoring opportunities in the first-half at least.

9) I am still trying to work out if Man Utd had an off-day (thoughts?)

10) I am starting to wonder where 'it' can come from. let's hope the players don't think that way, as overall, today was a step in the right direction and should prove to the team that they can at least hold their own and should be beating some of the sides immediately above them

The Everton result (they beat Palace 3-1) does us no favours whatsoever, but watch teams like Newcastle, who seem to be slipping slowly into trouble.


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