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Spurs Odyssey Preview - Bradford v Spurs, 12.09.1999

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This preview was written by Brian Judson

The following is a tabulation of all our results against Bradford City. As can be seen, we have not played Bradford City in the old First Division since they were relegated from that Division at the conclusion of season 1921-22. Our last League match against Bradford City occurred during season 1936-37 when Bradford City were relegated with Doncaster Rovers to the old Third Division (North).

Previous Results
       Div     H    A
1909-10    1  0-0  1-5
1910-11    1  2-0  0-3
1911-12    1  2-3  0-3
1912-13    1  2-1  1-3
1913-14    1  0-0  1-2
1914-15    1  0-0  2-2
1920-21    1  2-0  0-2
1921-22    1  1-0  4-0
1929-30    2  1-1  2-0
1930-31    2  3-1  0-2
1931-32    2  1-5  0-2
1932-33    2  1-1  1-0
1935-36    2  4-0  1-0
1936-37    2  5-1  2-2

Prem           Pl   W   D   L   For-Ag  Pts
Home            0   0   0   0     0-0    0
Away            0   0   0   0     0-0    0
Total (Prem)    0   0   0   0     0-0    0
Football Lge
Home (Div 1)    8   4   3   1     9-4   11
Away (Div 1)    8   1   1   6     9-20   4
Total (Div 1)  16   5   4   7    18-24  15
Football Lge
Home (Div 2)    6   3   2   1    15-9    8
Away (Div 2)    6   3   1   2     6-6    7
Total (Div 2)  12   6   3   3    21-15  15
Total (Prem)    0   0   0   0     0-0    0
Total (Div 1)  16   5   4   7    18-24  15
Total (Div 2)  12   6   3   3    21-15  15
Grand Total    28  11   7  10    39-39  30 

There have been other meetings with Bradford City. The following results are our Cup games with them :

FA Cup

Season   Rd  H/A   Result Goalscorers

1920-21  2    H     4-0   Seed 3, Banks
1969-70  3    A     2-2   Greaves, Morgan
         3R   H     5-0   Pearce 2, Greaves 2, Morgan
1988-89  3    A     0-1 

FL Cup

Season   Rd  H/A   Result Goalscorers 

1990-91  3    H     2-1   Gascoigne Stewart
In the 1920-21 Cup tie, Spurs had no trouble in disposing of Bradford City. As can be seen, Jimmy Seed grabbed three of the goals. Seed put them ahead with Tottenham's first attack of the match. Straight from the re-start, Spurs roared into the attack again and Seed had added a second. Banks scored the third goal and Seed wrapped the game up with a long range shot from some twenty-five yards out.

Spurs, of course, went on to win the Cup.

Our second clash with Bradford in the FA Cup, in January 1970, saw Spurs a very fortunate and extremely lucky side to escape from Valley Parade with a 2-2 draw. Greaves and Roger Morgan scored Tottenham's goals. I distinctly remember Bill Nicholson being critical of Cyril Knowles' display, blaming him for at least one of the two goals Tottenham conceded. Yet the only change for the replay saw Pearce promoted from the bench in place of Neil Johnson. Spurs thrashed Bradford City 5-0. And I remember Bill Nicholson thought Spurs had still not played as well as he thought they should have done. Victory gave us a home tie with Crystal Palace. Jimmy Greaves scored just one more senior goal for Spurs after his goals against Bradford.

Our third clash with Bradford City in the FA Cup occurred at Valley Parade in January 1989. The match was featured on 'Match of The Day'. Spurs were awful and Bobby Mimms had a horrible game, as I recall. Even Venables, normally a typical Cockney with the gift of the gab, was unable to explain how Spurs had managed to lose a game they should have, on paper, won. Mimms did not play again for the team that season. (The following weekend Erik Thorstvedt made his debut with a howler to match anything Mimms had made ....)

Our last clash with Bradford City was in the Football League Cup on October 30th 1990. The clash came a few weeks after Gazza had torn Hartlepool apart with a dazzling display but Spurs found Bradford City much more difficult opponents. I remember Spurs took a long time to break them down before we could be confident of victory.

That was the season when Spurs' financial problems nearly put the club under the cosh. At the time we played Bradford City, there were a few rumours but nothing that could be substantiated in print.

But times have changed and Bradford City are now in the Premier League with Tottenham. Spurs _must_ get back onto the winning path if Spurs are to keep pace with the leading pack of clubs. We ought to be capable of beating Bradford City. They will not be an easy side to break down but if we maintain our concentration at the back, despite the continued absence of Sol Campbell, we should win, possibly by 2-1 or 3-1.

Cheers, Brian

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