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Spurs v Southampton, 10.05.98

Article posted 10th May, 2015
My match report was written on the day of the game, and has not been edited, apart for appearance's sake

On this day in 1998, Gary Mabbutt made his last appearance for Spurs, and was given a hero's welcome as he came off the bench. It was also Jurgen Klinsmann's last Premier League game for Spurs.

Just one week before, Spurs had ensured their Premier League survival with a 6-2 win at Selhurst Park over Wimbledon, when Klinsmann had scored four goals. Thus, this final game of the season was one filled with joy, and the greatest affection for one of the most-loved of Spurs players. What we would give for a man full of such heart and leadership qualities as Gary Mabbutt.


Spurs scorer:-
Klinsmann 27

Southampton scorer:-
Le Tissier 21

Attendance:- 35,995

Referee P. Jones

Spurs:- Walker; Carr, Calderwood ( sub Mabbutt 81 ), Campbell, Nielsen; Fox, Anderton, Berti ( sub Saib 58 ), Ginola; Ferdinand, Klinsmann

Subs not used:- Grodas; Scales, Armstrong

Southampton:- Jones; Dodd ( sub Warner ), Lundekvam, Dryden, Benali; Le Tissier, Beresford ( sub Richardson 79 ), Oakley, Palmer; Hirst ( sub Basham 81 ), Ostenstad

Subs not used:- Moss (GK); Gibbens

The party atmosphere prevailed at The Lane this afternoon. The stadium was sun-drenched, and the full house was in shirt sleeve order, where the colour white dominated. It was a pleasure travelling to the ground hearing the preview headlines, and NOT hearing Spurs amongst the stories regarding what might happen. We were able to relax, and the crowd was determined to make the most of this end of season occasion.

Before the game, Gary Mabbutt, and David Howells were each presented with a silver salver by Alan Sugar, and of course given tremendous ovations by the crowd. Better was to follow. JK too got a special welcome for his "White Hart Lane farewell"

And so to the game, which, it has to be said was very much a secondary attraction today. Spurs had the early pressure. Once again, Les and JK worked well in tandem, and Fox had a particularly good first half. I felt Fox fell into his old dawdling ways in the second half, but he played some clever football in the first, feeling confident enough to put in a few tricks, AND pass inside along the "channels". Surely Gross has got this man playing his best football for the club.

To be honest, over the course of the game, Spurs had so many chances, it is difficult to recall details of specific attempts. Ginola alone probably had 15 - 20 shots on goal, none of which were on target. Occasionally JK could be seen turning away in some disgust, and no doubt felt that Daveed could sometimes have given others a go. It has to be said though that Ginola did have a good game, and he too played some tricks down the left flank.

I recall the best chance before the goals fell to Berti who headed just wide from a curving cross from Fox. Klinsmann and Sir Les, had heading opportunities during this spell.

Southampton did look dangerous on the break though, and Ostenstad, and Hirst had their own chances to score. Ostenstad particularly forced a good save from Walker, after Carr had underhit a back pass to let him in on goal. Le Tissier it was who spoilt the party by taking the lead in the 21st minute. Calderwood, I think was adjudged to have blocked an attacker on the edge of the box, and a free kick was awarded. Le Tissier took an age to take the kick, protesting at the lack of 10 yards. When he finally took it, I think he did an "Aldridge", and delayed taking the kick until the wall had moved, leaving gaps. Le Tissier cleverly slid the ball along the ground through the wall, leaving Walker stranded.

It didn't take long for Spurs to equalise, and Jurgen scored one of his most memorable goals as a parting gift. Walker's clearance was an excellent pass to Ferdinand, who headed the ball down for Jurgen lurking in space on the edge of the Southampton area. As quick as a flash, the ball was on the end of his right foot, and powered over the goalie into the net. It was a different angle, but in some ways reminiscent of the wonder goal he scored at home against Sheffield Wednesday in his first season. WHAT A GOAL THIS WAS!!! I do believe that makes Jurgen level top scorer with Ginola for the season.

In the first half, Southampton played some physical stuff, and Palmer got booked for a foul, and some "afters" with Berti.

It seemed to me that both teams relaxed somewhat in the second half, and were always going to be happy with a point. Spurs were in the ascendency, and could have had a hatful of goals. Particularly memorable was a glancing header by Berti from a corner, that was very nearly converted by Solman.

Not long after the start of the second half, the crowd was baying for Gary Mabbutt to make an entrance, but Saib was the first substitute to make an appearance. He came on for Berti, who got a roaring reception; said a personal farewell to Klinsmann as he went off, and a handshake from Leslie. I for one, hope that Berti stays for another season. He has had a great influence on the effectiveness of our midfield play, and displays great spirit.

Saib played well, making some clever passes, and working across the midfield. He had one or two really good runs, and set up Fox, who should have fired home, but unfortunately screwed wide. Saib himself had a number of shots.

If Sky had covered this game, I bet we would have had about 30 shots on goal, but maybe only five on target!

And so to Gary Mabbutt's entrance onto the playing arena. He took Calderwood's place with 10 minutes to go, and was cheered for every touch. Not that he had much to do at this stage of the game, only one team was possibly going to win. As he came on Sol handed him his captain's armband, which was a wonderful gesture. Mind you, Gary was still the club captain.

To give the Southampton fans their due, most of them stayed and gave Gary Mabbutt, and I suspect JK, a terrific reception as the team commenced their lap of honour. Gary Mabbutt, David Howells, JK, Ginola, and Sol Campbell got particularly noteworthy applause. The atmosphere was marvellous, and the only sad note that I have is that when Christian Gross took the centre circle for his own thanks, he got a mixed reception. This is the man who navigated our survival for goodness sake!!

As a result of this point, we have gone above Sheffield Wednesday, and finished 14th. I would be interested to hear when we were last in that position, this season.

And finally, one novel chant heard around the ground was "Oh Teddy Teddy! Went to Man united and you won F--- all"!!!!

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