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Spurs Odyssey Reviews the Premiership Season
for 2015-2016 - Match 36

Repercussions after the "Battle of Stamford Bridge"

Both Chelsea and Spurs face financial penalties after being charged with three counts each of failing to control their players in Monday night's temper-ridden Derby match.

Spurs have to face a penalty of a more serious nature after Mousa Dembele was charged with violent conduct "in circumstances where the standard punishment of three matches would be clearly insufficient". The charge has been made after Dembele's gouging or attempted gouging of Diego Costa's eye, which went unseen by the match officials. Thus Dembele is likely to miss both our final two games of this season, and up to four of our opening games next season.

Chelsea are said to be surprised that Erik Lamela has escaped any extra sanction after walking on the hand of Fabregas, and Kyle Walker has also not been charged over his "gentle tap" of Pedro when following up a foul in the first half.

This battle of Stamford Bridge will be remembered much longer than the original battle of the same name which took place in the East Riding of Yorkshire in 1066.

Comments received in the post-match survey include the following:-

"Some of the players, Walker especially, over-pumped...."

"Chelsea's in-yer-face nastiness got to our young team...."

"Very disappointed in almost ALL the Spurs players. 9 yellow cards - disgusting" (This is an unwanted Premier League record for any one team in one game)

"What a great season. A pity the boys lost it at the end. However, no soft underbelly now"

"Not sure this is the night for objective comment. We should proud of this team. Completely exceeded our expectations. OK it was disappointing not to win but Leicester were always going get the 2 points they needed anyway. I'm 68 and it's ages since I've felt as positive about a Tottenham team."

Referee Mark Clattenburg attracted a lot of comments, and got his lowest mark from Spurs Odyssey voters for three years. However, I feel that this comment says it all about Clattenburg on the night:-

"The ref will come in for a lot of stick but the players made it hard. Overall he did what he could and tried to be lenient but both sets of players acted badly and some of the Spurs players let themselves and the club down."

In the end we have to applaud and commend Leicester's historic achievement in winning their first League Title. The celebrations and media coverage went on long into Monday night; all day Tuesday, and will continue long after they are presented with the trophy on Saturday tea-time.

As for Spurs, we still need to win either our game at home to Southampton on Sunday, or at Newcastle on the last day to secure second place. We are already guaranteed to finish in our highest ever Premier League position, but we all want to finish above Arsenal after 21 years of suffering "St Tottering Hotspur Day".

Harry Kane was voted your man of the match, and the full spursometer can be seen here.

P.S - Spurs have finished clear winners of this season's Premier League "London League" with 19 points from their 10 games. (Full details here).

Results 30.04-02.05.16

Everton    2-1   B'mouth
Newcastle  1-0   C. Palace
Stoke      1-1   S'derland
Watford    3-2   A. Villa
West Brom  0-3   West Ham
Arsenal    1-0   Norwich
Swansea    3-1   Liverpool
Man Utd    1-1   Leicester
S'hampton  4-2   Man City
Chelsea    2-2   Spurs

    Barclays Premier League Table

               P  W  D  L   F-A   GD   Pts

 1. Leicester 36 22 11  3  64-34  30   77 C
 2. Spurs     36 19 13  4  67-28  39   70
 3. Arsenal   36 19 10  7  59-34  25   67 
 4. Man City  36 19  7 10  68-38  30   64
 5. Man Utd   35 17  9  9  43-31  12   60 
 6. West Ham  35 15 14  6  60-43  17   59
 7. S'hampton 36 16  9 11  53-39  14   57
 8. Liverpool 35 15 10 10  59-48  11   55 
 9. Chelsea   35 12 12 11  55-48   7   48
10. Stoke     36 13  9 14  38-52 -14   48
11. Everton   35 10 14 11  55-49   6   44
12. Watford   35 12  8 15  36-42  -6   44
13. Swansea   36 11 10 15  37-50 -13   43
14. West Brom 36 10 11 15  32-46 -14   41
15. B'mouth   36 11  8 17  43-63 -20   41
16. C. Palace 36 10  9 17  36-46 -10   39
17. Newcastle 36  8  9 19  39-64 -25   33
18. S'derland 35  7 11 17  40-58 -18   32
19. Norwich   35  8  7 20  35-61 -26   31
20. A. Villa  36  3  7 26  27-72 -45   16 R

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