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Preview Spurs v Chelsea, 16.09.01

Here is Brian Judson's preview of the game

Full Record of Tottenham Hotspur -v- Chelsea

Premier      Pl   W    D    L    For-Ag  Pts
Home         9    0    4    5     7- 18   4
Away         9    0    3    6     6- 17   3
Total (Prem)18    0    7   11    13- 35   7
Football Lge
Home (Div 1)42   20    9   13    79- 57  51
Away (Div 1)42   19    6   17    63- 50  46
Total(Div 1)84   39   15   30   142-107  97
Football Lge
Home (Div 2) 2    1    1    0     7-  4   3
Away (Div 2) 2    0    1    1     1-  4   1
Total(Div 2) 4    1    2    1     8-  8   4
Total (Prem)18    0    7   11    13- 35   7
Total(Div 1)84   39   15   30   142-107  97
Total(Div 2) 4    1    2    1     8-  8   4
Grand Tot  104   40   24   42   163-150 108

Let us begin this preview by dealing with the most dismal aspect of it first. The following is the dreadful sequence of results over the years since 1986-87 :

1986-87    1-3    2-0
1987-88    1-0    0-0
1989-90    1-4    2-1
1990-91    1-1    2-3
1991-92    1-3    0-2
1992-93    1-2    1-1
1993-94    1-1    3-4
1994-95    0-0    1-1
1995-96    1-1    0-0
1996-97    1-2    1-3
1997-98    1-6    0-2
1998-99    2-2    0-2
1999-2000  0-1    0-1
2000-2001  0-3    0-3

I shall not dwell on these statistics as Declan will be covering them in greater depth than I will be able to do so. Suffice to say here that there is a growing number of Spurs fans who have never seen Spurs beat Chelsea!

I can say 'I was there' the day Jimmy Greaves made his debut for Spurs.(Further reading about my hero Jimmy Greaves can be found here) As usual, Greaves did nothing for most of the match but put Chelsea ahead after 75 minutes. He did it so lazily that no one could believe it was his first goal for Chelsea. Spurs drew 1-1 that day when Alfie Stokes equalised.

Due to my ill-health, I did not see Chelsea at Tottenham again until February 1964. That was the day Tommy Harmer made his last appearance in a competitive match at Tottenham, albeit in the blue of Chelsea. It had been his goal that had secured Chelsea promotion during the preceding season after they had almost thrown promotion away. Spurs lost 2-1 principally because of the genius of Harmer The Charmer. Those who were fortunate enough to see Harmer play will know exactly what I mean. Just a slight dip of his shoulders could send a defence completely the wrong way. Tottenham could do with Harmer today!

There were many great games between Spurs and Chelsea in the 1960s when Tommy Docherty was their manager. I am convinced that it was the Docherty impetuosity that cost Chelsea a championship when he sacked Venables and dropped six other players after catching them breaking his curfew. Venables was the hub of that Chelsea side and he was never replaced. Cooke was a good player but, like McManaman, he tended to run into too many cul-de-sacs. Venables was Chelsea in the 1960s! Those of you who saw him as a player can see just how effective he could be when you recall his performances for Chelsea and Queen's Park Rangers - he was brilliant! He never settled at Tottenham because Nicholson never played Venables in the role he was best at.

Another game that sticks out in my mind is the 2-2 draw between the two clubs soon after the start of the 1968-69 season. Spurs had made an awful start to the season (it was a rare event in those days!) and Spurs travelled to the Bridge. Cliff Jones, now well into his elder statesman role, was recalled to the team and scored one of the goals. Greaves (who else?) scored the other.

The match that I rate the best of any game I have seen between the two clubs was the one played at Stamford Bridge on 14th November 1970. The heavens opened just before the kick-off and torrential rain cascaded down on to the pitch throughout the match. The game was drifting to a 0-0 draw when Mullery blasted a goal with less than a minute left. Spurs roared onto the attack and Pearce nicked a second. There was still time for a shot by Chivers to rattle the crossbar before the whistle ended the game. It was a magnificent match. My only disappointment was that there were no TV cameras there to cover the game as it would have been preserved for posterity.

The most contentious game was probably the League Cup Semi-Final tie in which Spurs hosted the 2nd Leg. I can still see Cyril Knowles failing to prevent Chelsea from scoring the second equaliser of the night, thus putting Chelsea in the Final. But Hudson should have had his goal disallowed because the referee had indicated an indirect free-kick and no one else touched the ball before it flew into the net.

Probably the most important match between the two clubs I have ever seen, other than the 1967 FA Cup Final, has been the relegation battle that took place near the end of the 1974-75 season. No one who was there will forget it as the Chelsea fans invaded the pitch before the game had even started. Referee Jack Taylor came out unescorted and made it clear the game would go ahead even if he had to wait until midnight to start the match. That was enough to clear the hooligans from the pitch! Spurs won the game 2-0 thanks to Alfie Conn, him of the long flowing hair and socks round his ankles, and Perryman scoring his annual goal of the season. It more or less ensured Spurs safety, although they still had to beat Leeds in their final match, but Chelsea were condemned to relegation.

Another fine match between the two clubs was the Cup tie played at Stamford Bridge in March 1982. Chelsea went ahead but Spurs scored three goals in 10 minutes early in the second half through Hazard, Archibald and Hoddle. Chelsea pulled one goal back but it was too late. The football played in that purple patch was probably the finest from any Spurs side since the 1960s.

And Sunday's match? It's too close to call. On the law of averages, we must break our run of depressing results soon. Why not this Sunday?


Cheers, Brian

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