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Match Reports
Preview Liverpool v Spurs, 22.09.01

Here is Brian Judson's preview of the game

Full Record of Spurs -v- Liverpool

Premier     Pl   W   D   L   For-Ag  Pts
Home         9   4   3   2   14 -13  15
Away         9   1   2   6    9 -22   5
Total(Prem) 18   5   5   8   23 -35  20
Football Lge
Home(Div 1) 49  24  10  15   71 -58  62
Away(Div 1) 49   4  14  31   38 -95  24
Total(Div 1)98  28  24  46  109 -153 86
Total(Prem) 18   5   5   8   23 -35  20
Total(Div 1)98  28  24  46  109 -153 86
Grand Total 116 33  29  54  122 -188 106

Long gone are the days when the Kop end of Anfield was a mass of heaving, sweaty red clad Liverpudlian wit that was worth a goal's start to Liverpool. The destruction of the terraces has damaged irreparably the aura of invincibility for Liverpool. No matter that it was one of the most unhygienic places on which mankind could stand, the sight of the Kop in full flow was always a highlight of the season. Listening to the full-throated roar of the Kop singing ....

"When you walk through a storm, 
 hold your head up high
 And don't be afraid of the dark 
 At the end of a storm, 
 there's a golden sky
 And the sweet, silver song of a lark 
 Walk on through the wind!
 Walk on through the rain!
 Though your dreams be tossed and blown 
 Walk on! Walk on!
 With hope in your heart 
 And you'll never walk alone 
 You'll never walk alone 


For years, our visits to Anfield were always a reminder that we had not won at Anfield since we had won there on 16th March 1912 by 2-1. Fittingly, this particular statistic was buried for good on 16th March 1985 when Garth Crooks scored the only goal of the match.

Since then, of course, we have won other matches up there, including that incredible FA Cup victory on 11th March 1995 when Klinsmann and Sheringham scored the goals that propelled us in to a Semi-Final date with Everton.

But although we did not win a match at Anfield for 73 seasons, we did come very close on several occasions to ending the dreadful run. There was the famous occasion when Pat Jennings saved two penalties in one match at Anfield. There was another occasion when David Jenkins had the goal at his mercy and still managed to miss the target completely. But it was galling to be confronted with this statistic of being unable to win at Anfield at a time our neighbours from Highbury seemed to have put the Indian sign on Liverpool. I remember one match between Arsenal and Liverpool at Anfield where Radford and Kennedy tore Liverpool to pieces in a magnificent 3-1 victory that demonstrated that Liverpool could be beaten at Anfield.

Over the years, Liverpool have had some great players, none possibly greater than Kenny Dalglish, who won every honour that it was possible for a player to win. There was Graeme Souness whose tackling and tenacity matched that of his great hero Dave Mackay. There were the goalkeepers - Lawrence, Clemence and Grobbelaar, who between them dominated the goalkeeper's jersey from the late 1950s right through until the advent of the 1990s. Lawrence was a bulky and ungainly goalkeeper but he was the rock of Shankly's first great side of the 1960s. Clemence was wiry and vocal whilst Grobbelaar's eccentric goalkeeping will never be forgotten by those who saw him in his prime. And, of course, there was Ian Rush : will Michael Owen match his predecessor's great goalscoring feats for Liverpool?

There was a time when Liverpool seemed to own the European Cup. Of the four successful campaigns, I think the occasion where they won the European Cup in Rome in 1977 when they beat Borussia Muenchengladbach 3-1 was the most memorable of the four occasions. They would have beaten anybody that night, which makes it all the more inexplicable they did not achieve the treble that season.

So, of course, to Saturday's match. We are, of course, travelling to Anfield under the worst scenario possible with a long injury list and an inadequate squad. Liverpool are still not the majestic team they were towards the end of last season but they are still a superior side to ours. There is no doubt in my mind that a draw is our only meaningful target. To expect us to win up there is like crying for the moon!


Cheers, Brian

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