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Absolute Radio's post-match interview with Jermain Defoe (01.12.12)

Absolute Radio's post-match interview with Jermain Defoe

with thanks to Absolute Radio's Rock 'n Roll Football, with Ian Wright, Saturdays from 5 pm on 1215AM


IW: Ian Wright
IS: Ian Stone
JD: Jermain Defoe

IW: Can I just say, we can now welcome Jermaine Defoe to the programme.

JD: Wrighty whatís happening?

IW: Hello, hey J whatís happening? How did you get on today? Anything happen for you today? Anything good?

JD: Yeah

IW: You nicked a couple.

JD: Yeah, another brace, another three points. Amazing man.

IW: You lot looked really good, it pains me to say JD, but youíre on absolutely flying form. How are you feeling? Are you scoring in training as well?

JD: Yeah, on a personal note Iím buzzing to be honest. You know what itís like Wrighty when youíre scoring goals, you know, youíre buzzing, you just canít wait for the next game, because youíve got that belief. You always feel like youíre going to score every game you go into, because, you know, youíre scoring goals and about the team, the team have been fantastic. Weíve had a lot of games in a short space of time, you know. Some players have even played with like injuries and stuff like that, but they manage to still get out there and work hard for the team and weíre getting results, which is the most important thing.

IW: I was going to say as well JD, do you feel that, you know, I mean even if itís not quite going for you, not getting too manyÖ do you feel like youíre not going to be taken off? Do you feel like youíre going to stay on the pitch now?

JD: Yeah, thatís what itís like. Even to be honest in the first half I didnít really get a lot of touch on the ball. But I thought you know what it doesnít matter, because as the game gets stretched, Fulham at home, the game will get stretched and, you know, thereíll be chances for me to sort of like, I donít know, run in behind when they go forward a little bit more, Iíll get a chance. I was just sort of like biding my time just waiting, because, you know youíre going to play, you know youíre going to stay on the pitch, sort of like waiting for my chance and just stay focussed and make sure when I get the chance I take it.

IS: Jermaine itís Ian Stone I heard that Gareth Bale got a knock today, is he alright?

JD: Heís done his hamstring, Iím not too sure if itís really bad yet, I think heís going to have treatment tomorrow, but, you know, itís unfortunate for Gaz and Michael Dawson as well done his hamstring. So Iím sure the physioís will assess that tomorrow, see what happens.

IW: Howís everything feeling? The managerís come in, he seems like heís got it going a bit. Iíve been giving him a bit of stick, not just because heís Tottenham, but I just thought that because of the Chelsea thing what happened with him I think heís got a point to prove. He seems to be doing well, whatís it like the training? Is it really good? Has he gotÖ

JD: I think itís good, yeah, I think trainingís really organised. I think every game we play, yeah, every team weíve played, itís always a different approach, how are we going to play against them, how are we going to set up, how are we going to defend and attack? So, itís really organised and I think in a way, you know, itís good for all the players, because you know exactly what youíve got to do on match day. And to be honest even, obviously thereís times like at the beginning of the season when we werenít really getting results and he was getting a little bit of stick and to be fair heís always been calm, always been calm. You know, heís been in training and youíd never look at him and think oh this is a man under pressure, heís always been calm and in training as well and now weíre getting results.

IW: Nice one and you got Everton away next week, big game. Like you mentioned there Gareth Bale might not be able to make it, youíre still going into those games full of confidence JD?

JD: Yeah.

IW: Panathinaikos as well coming.

JD: Yeah, I think so, because the thing is luckily enough weíve got a strong squad, you know, weíve got some great players, players that can come in and players that can play out of position, players that can adapt and do a job for the team. Obviously Gaz is a massive blow for the team, because the way he plays you canít really replace a player like that, but at the same time I think someone else can come in and do a job for the team. You know, when Gaz went off the pitch, Clint Dempsey went over to the left hand side and has done well, yeah, so luckily enough weíve got a strong squad and I think weíll be okay, but hopefully Gaz will be okay anyway, hopefully heís not too bad.

IW: Nice one. Listen JD you sound like on proper goal scoring form.

JD: [Laughter].

IW: Your face seems like itís got a permanent smile.

IS: [Laughter].

JD: Yeah, top man, nice one Wrighty, thanks.

The Spurs Odyssey Match report of the Fulham game is here

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