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Spurs U17s 1 South Coast Strikers 7, 23.07.12
Courtesy of:- Ray Lo, and the Spurs List.

             NI Milk Cup 2012
           Premier Group 2nd Match
   Scroggy Road Recreation Ground, Limavardy

          Monday 23rd July 2012, 7pm

       Spurs       v    South Coast Strikers
    (All White)            (All Black)
       4-3-3                  4-4-2

        1(1)                   7(4)
Spurs:- Voss(Priestley 55), Campbell-Young, Magbadelo(Lyons-Foster 43), Ogilvie(C), Pritchard, Amos, Winks, Goddard, Sonupe, Harrison(Miller 51), Georgiou

Scorer:- Campbell-Young 16

The Spurs U-17 team line up for their game against South Coast Strikers

South Coast Strikers:- Rubschlager, Sagel, Locklear(Fabulich 43), Ramires, Danladi(Kotselas 53), Thierjung, Liborio, Turner(Borrego 65). Campos(Castro 40), Martinez(Harb 46), Holt

Scorers:- Liborio 11, Danladi 19,23,32,40 Thierjung 42,68

Referee:- McIrath
Assistant Referees:- Cashell, Moore

After a day of near continuous rain, the sun came out in time for the start of this game. Spurs rotated the squad and made some positional changes for their second match. The Strikers had lost their opening game 2-0 to Irish side Cherry Orchard while Spurs had been held 1-1 in their opening game against Co. Armagh.

Spurs lined up with Voss in goal behind Ogilvie and Magbadelo with Campbell-Young at right back and Pritchard on the left.(Ed:- This is Joe Pritchard and not the older Alex Pritchard) Amos and Goddard started alongside Winks in the midfield with Harrison up front between Sonupe on his right side and Georgiou on his left.

Spurs kicked off the first half attacking the east end but soon found that the Strikers were a tough defence against which to make any headway. This, linked to rapid counter-attacking from the front pairing of Danladi and Thierjung, meant that they were soon on the back foot.

Danladi got through the right channel and drew a save from Voss that went for a corner from which Sagel headed wide. Danladi beat Magbadelo for pace but was denied by Voss who also saved the follow up. Voss was off his line quickly to put off Thierjung so that his effort was outside the far post.

With the full backs pushed up, the two central defenders were being exposed to the pace of the Americans. Liborio got behind Pritchard and came inside to beat Voss and open the scoring. Spurs responded well with Georgiou getting down the left more often. Amos picked up the ball in the middle and moved forward before laying it out to Georgiou who crossed to the far post where Campbell-Young had time to bring it down and volley it into the net.

The Strikers responded by playing a long ball from the back that Danladi anticipated well to be yards clear of the Spurs defence. He controlled it with one touch and hit it past Voss with the next. The Danladi increased their lead when Spurs stopped for offside. The ball had been played inside the full back and when Theirjung made a move towards the ball from an off side position the linesman raised his flag. As the Spurs players stopped, the referee allowed play to continue and Danladi strolled through unopposed to put the ball into the net.

Georgiou put over another cross which Sonupe blasted over. Danladi got past Ogilvie to score his third with Voss stranded.

There were no changes for the second half and the Strikers carried on as before. Liborio fired wide and Theirjung got through but also put the ball wide. Rubshlager saved a free kick from Ogilvie before a loose ball from Amos saw Danladi go past Magbadelo and beat Voss for his fourth goal of the game. Thierjung then got the better of Ogilvie to go clear and score to make the score 6-1.

McDermott made his first change taking off Magbadelo for Lyons-Foster. The Spurs midfield trio showed good skills in the middle of the park but were either crowded out or forced into conceding the ball after some good approach work. Winks drove the ball wide from a pass by Amos. Danladi began to believe he could score from anywhere and hit one wide and then another over.

After Miller had come on for Harrison, Danladi drew a save from Voss and then he was through again with Ogilvie alongside. Voss came out quickly to save at his feet getting clattered in the process. He had to be carried off and replaced by Priestley after a long stoppage during which Danladi was replaced. With him gone, most of the Strikers' threat disappeared.

Thierjung fired wide as did Liborio until Castro got down the left and set up Thierjung for a simple finish. The referee did not add much time for the stoppage for the injury to Voss but I doubt either coach was complaining.

This was a bad loss for Spurs and leaves them 17th out of 20 with one group game to go. Spurs midfielders Winks, Miller, Amos and Goddard all showed good skills on the ball but are all short and unable to win balls in the air as most opposition players are a lot taller. The main failing as I see it is that they like to show off their skills instead of doing the simple thing. That is something typical of young players but they will learn to control it as they develop and get moulded into a team.

Tomorrow we play Otago who also have only one point. Otago performed a Haka at the opening ceremony on sunday and I look forward to see if they do it again before our match.


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