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Stoke U-18s v Spurs U-18s, 21.09.13
Courtesy of:- Ray Lo, and the Spurs List.

           Premier U-18 League 2013-4
              Clayton Wood, Stoke
       Saturday 21st September 2013, 12 noon

          STOKE CITY    v     SPURS
         (Red/White)         (All Blue)
             4-5-1             4-3-3

              0(0)              4(2)

              Dale Eve  1  Luke McGee
             Jake Cook  2  Channing Campbell-Young
           Joel Taylor  3  Conor Ogilvie
         Eddy Lecygene  4  Harry Winks(C)
      Edward Sanders(C) 5  Cameron Carter-Vickers
          Joseph Hulme  6  Filip Lesniak
Johnville Rene-Pringle  7  Emanuel Sonupe
      Kieran Montlouis  8  Joshua Onomah
           Yusuf Coban  9  Shayon Harrison
       Derice Richards 10  William Miller
        Oliver Shenton 11  Nathan Oduwa

      Nathan Hopkinson 12  Luke Amos
             (9)45Mins     (2)63Mins
         Curtis Strong 13 
          Ryan Shields 14  Cy Goddard
             (7)59Mins     (8)63Mins
       Peter Makrillos 15  Anthony Georgiou
             (?)59Mins     (9)63Mins
           Lewis Banks 16  Christian Maghoma

                           Sonupe 6, 46, 58 pen.
                           Oduwa 36

     Lecygene 28(Foul)

     J. Perkins            J. McDermott 

Referee: T. Walker
Assistants:- M. Cliff & R. Wollridge

It was a cool overcast morning up in the Potteries for Spurs' visit to mid-table Stoke who drew last week away to the gooners. Spurs were defending an unbeaten run of four games.

Since the last time we were here, Stoke have installed covered seating and provided team-sheets.

Spurs lined up with Lesniak in place of Maghoma at the back with Carter-Vickers with Campbell-Young at right back and Ogilvie on the left in front of McGee in goal. Onomah, Winks and Miller made up the midfield trio with Harrison up front flanked by Sonupe on the right and Oduwa on the left.

It took a little while for Spurs to settle as Lesniak was continually given instructions on how to play in the back four instead of in front of it. Stoke also took some time to settle as the new passing game that Mark Hughes is introducing to the club will take time to filter through.

Spurs' passing game came together quicker and they took an early lead when countering from a Stoke attack Sonupe went through the left channel laying the ball off to Harrison outside him and continued into the area. Harrison shot low across the keeper for Sonupe to finish. I originally thought that Shayon scored himself but Emanuel got the congratulations from his team-mates.

Sonupe and Oduwa were causing the home side problems down the flanks while Rene-Pringle showed some good work down the left supporting Coban while Richards tried to get through the middle.

Winks drew a save from long range before good work on the left gave Montlouis a chance which was saved by McGee. Lecygene was booked for a late tackle on Oduwa as his long legs were taking him away from the Stoke player. Richards headed wide a cross from the left before Oduwa tested the keeper from outside the area with a volley inside the left post. A minute later and Oduwa tried again. This time it was a dipping volley that caught Eve off his line' The keeper got his hands to the ball, but it dropped into the net for Spurs' second goal. Stoke held out until the break without conceding again.

Stoke replaced Coban for the second half with the taller Hopkinson as Spurs continued where they left off. A minute into the half and Oduwa dribbled down the left and pulled the ball back for Winks who laid it off for Onomah. Onomah played the ball into the path of Sonupe, who had come in from the right. The winger hit it first time into the roof of the net for his second and Spurs third.

Oduwa made another mazy run to the line dropping his shoulder which left the centre-back on the ground as he went, before whipping the ball across a crowded box. The ball came off the keeper into the path of Miller who drove it straight back only for Eve to save.

Winks ran through the heart of the Stoke defence but fired wide. Rene-Pringle tried from distance but the effort was weak and easy for McGee. Sonupe then won a penalty when he was given the ball in the left channel and was tripped as he drove into the area. He had had an appeal turned down earlier when he tried to hurdle a high leg on the right side. On a hat-trick, he took the spot kick himself sending the ball into the bottom right corner past the keeper's dive.

After Stoke made two changes, Oduwa made another mazy run cutting inside but Eve saved at the foot of the near post for a corner. With the game safe, Spurs made all three changes at the same time. Amos replaced Campbell-Young at right back; Goddard took over from Onomah in midfield, and Georgiou came on for Harrison to work on the left, allowing Oduwa to move into the middle.

Oduwa fired wide before another passing move, wwhich should have produced a fifth goal. Goddard send Georgiou away down the left and his pull-back found Oduwa who played in Miller with a delicate ball. However, Miller fired wide with the whole goal to aim at. Miller tried to make amends by playing Georgiou in on the left but Eve saved.

Winks played in Goddard for an effort that was saved and Sonupe fired over. A break saw Hopkinson get passed Carter-Vickers but McGee was out to save at his feet. Winks had a long range effort fly over which left him holding his leg and he was taken off leaving Spurs with ten men. (Ed: Winks didn't want to leave, but McDermott was insistent)

With time running out, Sonupe fired in a shot that Eve turned onto the post and Oduwa drew a save that went for a corner.

Spurs had to re-jig the team today, but they still dominated the game and could have had more goals. Sonupe and Oduwa were much too good for Stoke down the wings and Lesniak had a easy time at the heart of the defence which was good as he looked unsure of his positioning until he played his normal game.

Next week the Academy entertain Manchester City at Hotspur Way looking for their sixth win to maintain their 100% record. Unfortunately because of the 1pm start time I will have to miss it as there is the small matter of a Premier League home against Chelsea, which kicks off at 12.45pm.


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