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Spurs Odyssey Reviews the Premiership Season
for 2014-2015 - Match 9

Sleeping Giants?

So, those of us who were at the game and didn't notice it live, have had the chance to review TV footage, which shows that Eric Dier was the very last player onto the pitch for the second half. Dier sauntered past his Captain, giving him a high five, and hadn't managed to settle into his position for the kick-off when referee Anthony Taylor blew his whistle. That's how Dier, and Spurs were caught out by Newcastle's so quick goal, scored after just 8 seconds after the kick-off. I've even seen it referred to as six seconds.

I was offered "Dier was dire" as a potential headline, but as bad a game as he had, it is so harsh to lay the blame for defeat at the feet of a person who was actually bought as a centre-back, and has had to play at right back, due to the injuries to both our Kyles - (Walker and Naughton). Many have been quick to forget the impression Dier made at West Ham (added time winner) and at home to QPR, when he again scored, and had a great influence on our 4-0 win.

Spurs have often been described as sleeping giants, not because of their ineptitude at the start of a period of play, but because, as a club they do have the resources and potential to be genuine challengers at the very top. Many critics have been laying the blame for our current predicament at the door of Chairman Daniel Levy, who yet again faces a very testing time if his latest choice of manager does not turn round our league form quickly.

Different personnel have shown their lack of early concentration in this game, and on other occasions, such as last season when we conceded after just 14 seconds at Man City. Different coaches have been in charge of the team.

Despite Pochettino's demanding fitness and training regime, our players still seem to lack pace in too many positions. The position assumed by the team for that second half kick-off looked very high to me too, so perhaps our line is too high, and vulnerable. Opponents have punished us too often when we have played this high line tactic, with a ball over the top for a genuine fast runner to gather and threaten a slower defence.

I find it so frustrating that whilst we do move forward in waves, it is too often so slow to get moving, with backward and sideways passes, which allow the opposition to get their whole team behind the ball. i think we need to try a different formation in tomorrow night's Capital One Cup game against Brighton.

We've lost three home league games earlier than we did last year when AVB was sacked. We've lost at home to Newcastle twice in a row. We've lost at home to West Brom and Newcastle at times when each club was in the bottom three. Pochettino's performance figures for his first 9 League games do not compare favourably with any of his three predecessors. He needs to prove his worth quickly.

On Sunday, we play Aston Villa, who haven't scored a goal in their last five games, nor in their last five games against us. After last week-end, I'm giving up on predictions, but Sunday would be a good time to start the re-vitalisation of Spurs. Pochettino must know it and he must convey the full sense of urgency to his players.

Finally, here are just a few of your comments made in this match survey:-

"Kaboul must be stripped of the captaincy and sold to Hull"

"Not good enough, their first goal embarrassing, manager's assertion the players are still trying to understand the''pressing'' philosophy is rubbish, it didn't take Southampton's players too long! We don't have those type of players, no leaders on the pitch, Kaboul not good enough to be in the team let alone captain"

"It's Chadli and Eriksen who are disappointing. I don't agree with the really negative criticism of Lamela and Dier."

"Mason was the only player who rose to the occasion today." (Ed:- Ryan Mason was joint Spurs man of the match with Hugo Lloris)

"I can't believe how inept our 2 centre-backs were today. Vertonghen looks as though he just doesn't care; Kaboul has never reached the levels of a couple of years ago. Going forward we look pretty good but I do wonder if Lamela and Eiksen can play together - when only one plays they play well. Mason is a find - but where was he before? In many blogs supporters are now turning on Poch. I think they should be turning on Levy and the director of football who wasted so much money last year. COYS"

See the spursometer for this game in full.

Results 25-27.10.14

West Ham   2-1   Man City
Liverpool  0-0   Hull
S'hampton  1-0   Stoke
S'derland  0-2   Arsenal
West Brom  2-2   C. Palace
Swansea    2-0   Leicester
Burnley    1-3   Everton
Spurs      1-2   Newcastle
Man Utd    1-1   Chelsea
QPR        2-0   A. Villa

                Barclays Premier League

               P  W  D  L   F-A   GD   Pts

 1. Chelsea    9  7  2  0  24-9   15   23
 2. S'hampton  9  6  1  2  20-5   15   19
 3. Man City   9  5  2  2  19-10   9   17
 4. West Ham   9  5  1  3  17-12   5   16
 5. Arsenal    9  3  5  1  15-11   4   14
 6. Swansea    9  4  2  3  13-10   3   14
 7. Liverpool  9  4  2  3  13-12   1   14
 8. Man Utd    9  3  4  2  16-13   3   13
 9. Everton    9  3  3  3  19-17   2   12
10. Hull       9  2  5  2  13-13   0   11
11. Spurs      9  3  2  4  11-13  -2   11 
12. Stoke      9  3  2  4   8-10  -2   11
13. West Brom  9  2  4  3  12-13  -1   10
14. Newcastle  9  2  4  3  10-15  -5   10
15. A. Villa   9  3  1  5   4-14 -10   10
16. C. Palace  9  2  3  4  13-16  -3    9
17. Leicester  9  2  3  4  11-15  -4    9
18. S'derland  9  1  5  3   8-17  -9    8
19. QPR        9  2  1  6   8-18 -10    7
20. Burnley    9  0  4  5   5-16 -11    4

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