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Terborg Tournament Day Two, 21.05.16
Courtesy of:- Ray Lo, and the Spurs List.

              Terborg Toernooi - Day Two
               Sportpark De Paasberg, Terborg
               Saturday 21st May 2016, 12 noon

                 Feyenoord   v     Tottenham Hotspur

                    3(1)                 1(1) (Oteh)

           Ramon ten Hove    1     Thomas McDermott
          Melvin Kingsale    2     Joseph Muscatt
           Stef Gronsveld    3     Joy Mukena
            Mats Knoester    4     Anton Walkes
             Amir Absalem    5     Christian Maghoma
        Rick van der Meer    6     Japhet Tanganga
         Rashaan Fernandes   7     George Marsh
            Gustavo Hamer    8     Charlie Owens
           Nigel Robertha    9     Jake Roles
           Mo El Hankouri   10     Joseph Pritchard
             Emil Hansson   11     Cy Goddard
          Robin Zwartjens   12     Zenon Stylianides
                            13     Brandon Austin
        Danny van Haarent   14     Samuel Shashoua
          Jordy Den Hoedt   15     Dylan Duncan
            Donat Pavataj   16     Shilow Tracey
               Salih Anez   17     Aramide Oteh
        Marlon Slabbekoom   18     Kazaiah Sterling
         Fabian Korporaal   19     Jaden Brown
                            20     Keanan Bennetts

                M. Koning          J. McDermott

For the second group game Spurs lined up with Austin in goal behind Mukena and Marsh with Muscatt at right back and Brown on the left. Owens anchored the midfield with Stylianides alongside him while Roles was ahead of them flanked by Duncan on the right and Goddard on the left in support of Oteh up front.

I missed the first half in which Spurs scored first through Oteh with Feyenoord equalising a couple of minutes later.

Early in the second half Spurs made two changes with Pritchard replacing Roles and Walkes coming on for Stylianides. Owens was booked for a foul on Hankouri running through the middle. Zwartjens saw his header blocked at a corner before Shashoua replaced Duncan on the left. Shashoua soon had a chance when Oteh got round the back on the right and had his effort blocked, with the little wideman firing wide following up.

Sterling replaced Oteh but the Dutch team went ahead following a shot that knocked Muscatt on his back. Slabbekoorn drove in again with Austin not holding the ball allowing Robertha to fire in at the far post. With time running out Spurs pushed forward and when an attack was cleared Mukena failed to clear leaving Feyenoord with a two on one situation and Hamer played in Robertha to seal the win with his second and Feyenoord's third with a minute to go.

                Saturday 21st May 2016, 5pm
        Tottenham Hotspur    v     Atletico Mineiro

                    1(0)                   1(0)

        Thomas McDermott     1     Cleiton Schwengber
          Joseph Muscatt     2     Adson Felipe Marques da Silva
              Joy Mukena     3     Joao Victor da Silva Marcelino
            Anton Walkes     4     Nathanael Ananias da Silva
       Christian Maghoma     5     Pedro Santos Filho
         Japhet Tanganga     6     Cesar de Sao Jose Morais
            George Marsh     7     Joao Victor da Vitoria Fernandes
           Charlie Owens     8     Matheus Roldan Santos
              Jack Roles     9     Joao Vitor Brandao Figueiredo
        Joseph Pritchard    10     Thalis Henrique Cantanhede
              Cy Goddard    11     Daniel dos Santos Penha
       Zenon Stylianides    12
          Brandon Austin    13     Jordan Anselmo Cardoso
         Samuel Shashoua    14     Gilvan Lima de Oliveira
            Dylan Duncan    15     Ralph Machado Dias
           Shilow Tracey    16     Marco Tulio Oliveira Lemos
            Aramide Oteh    17     Otavio Ferreira de Aquino
        Kazaiah Sterling    18     Flavio Augusto de Castro
             Jaden Brown    19
         Keanan Bennetts    20     Thiago Henrique Fernandes Valle

            J. McDermott           D. S. Giacomini

The final group match saw Spurs having little to play for because they were equal on points with Nacional de Colombia and needed to not lose by more than one goal to finish third against the group leaders Atletico.

Spurs lined up with McDermott in goal behind Tanganga and Maghoma with Tracey at right back and Mukena on the left. Marsh anchored the midfield with Walkes alongside him and Goddard ahead of them flanked by Duncan on the right and Shashoua on the left in support of Oteh up front.

Spurs kicked off the match attacking the West end in warm sunshine.The first half was played in the middle third with just the one chance on goal when de Castro was played in on the right but shot wide as he lost his balance.

The second half was more open as Lemos fired wide in the first minute. This was followed by Spurs making a double change with Stylianides replacing Marsh in midfield and Pritchard taking over from Tracey at right back.They were soon followed by Roles on in place of Goddard and Owens on for Duncan.

Atletico won a penalty for handball when Tanganga went to ground in the area blocking a shot. Castro scored from the spot low to McDermott's left. Spurs were level three minutes later when a long ball from Maghoma caused problems for the Brazilians with Valle and Marques de Silva colliding as they challenged Oteh for the ball, leaving the Spurs striker to get the ball and hit it into an empty net.

Castro fired wide and Marques de Silva shot over from a quickly taken free kick. With time running out Aquino fired wide and Roles was booked for kicking the ball at a Brazilian defender who had not moved away from a free kick. This was interesting as usually the defender gets booked for not retreating ten yards. After the kick was re-taken the ref blew for time and Spurs had the point to make sure of third place in the group.

                 Group 2 - Final table

                  P  W  D  L  F-A   Pts.

Atletico Mineiro  3  2  1  0  6-2    7
Feyenoord         3  1  1  1  4-4    4
Tottenham         3  0  2  1  2-4    2
Nacional          3  0  1  2  2-4    1

Spurs play Chelsea in the 5th/6th place play-off game on Sunday.


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