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Spurs Odyssey Reviews the Premiership Season
for 2014-2015 - Match 7

Lloris versus Eriksen

The votes are in for the Spurs Odyssey post-match survey and Hugo Lloris has once again been voted your man of the match. Hugo has been voted Spurs' best player by Spurs Odyssey readers in 6 of the 12 matches playes so far. Remember, Hugo sat out one of those games.

Yet, on the official site post-match poll, Christian Eriksen won the vote, with 55.7%, compared to 31.8% for Hugo. Eriksen was equal second in our poll, scoring 7.2 out of 10, along with Etienne Capoue. Lloris was way out front with 7.9.

What does such a variation say about the demography of Spurs Odyssey readers, who are asked to vote only if they saw the full 90 minutes of the game. Perhaps many official site voters are naturally drawn to the goal-scorer. I am not, of course, suggesting they all know about this web site! (Tell your friends!)

Lloris was voted our web site's player of the season last season, whilst Eriksen won the club's official members' vote.

Lloris is once again out front in our ongoing assessment of players' performances for the season, and has to be the favourite to be the Spurs Odyssey player of the season. On Sunday he made a great save from Wanyama, described by the official site as a match-saving save, plus two or three other crucial interventions.

There were other good performances from outfield players recognised this week, notably Danny Rose, Jan Vertonghen, Younes Kaboul, and Nacer Chadli. 200 Spurs Odyssey readers took the time to cast their votes.

The win was the difference between sitting in sixth place or fourteenth had we lost the game. In reality, the early table is compacted between fourth and sixteenth places after 7 games, with only three points seperating Manchester United and Stoke City in those places, but it was important for the morale of the team and its fans to go into the break with a win.

As Norman Giller wrote this week, "How often since the Premier League kicked off twenty-two years ago have Spurs been able to look down the table and see the Woolwich Nomads and both Merseyside clubs below them?"

I can tell you the last time Arsenal lost in the Premier league on the same week-end that we won was on 6th-7th April this year, when they lost 3-0 at Everton, and we thrashed Sunderland 5-1. See the relevant Premier League Review.

See the spursometer for this game.

P.S - The Spurs Odyssey Like for Like table has been updated to include the Soutampton game. It shows that we are actually one point better off than our results in the same games last season, but I can also tell you we were two points better off last year after seven games.

What do statistics matter at the end of the day? (They give me something to write about, that's what!) All that matters for Spurs is their next game against Manchester City away!

Results 04-05.10.14

Hull       2-0   C. Palace
Leicester  2-2   Burnley
Liverpool  2-1   West Brom
S'derland  3-1   Stoke
Swansea    2-2   Newcastle
A. Villa   0-2   Man City
Man Utd    2-1   Everton
Chelsea    2-0   Arsenal
Spurs      1-0   S'hampton
West Ham   2-0   QPR

                Barclays Premier League

               P  W  D  L   F-A   GD   Pts

 1. Chelsea    7  6  1  0  21-7   14   19
 2. Man City   7  4  2  1  14-7    7   14
 3. S'hampton  7  4  1  2  11-5    6   13
 4. Man Utd    7  3  2  2  13-10   3   11
 5. Swansea    7  3  2  2  10-8    2   11
 6. Spurs      7  3  2  2   9-7    2   11 
 7. West Ham   7  3  1  3  12-10   2   10
 8. Arsenal    7  2  4  1  11-9    2   10
 9. Liverpool  7  3  1  3  10-10   0   10
10. A. Villa   7  3  1  3   4-9   -5   10
11. Hull       7  2  3  2  11-11   0    9
12. Leicester  7  2  3  2  11-12  -1    9
13. S'derland  7  1  5  1   8-7    1    8
14. West Brom  7  2  2  3   8-9   -1    8
15. C. Palace  7  2  2  3  10-12  -2    8
16. Stoke      7  2  2  3   6-8   -2    8
17. Everton    7  1  3  3  13-16  -3    6
18. Newcastle  7  0  4  3   7-14  -7    4
19. Burnley    7  0  4  3   3-10  -7    4
20. QPR        7  1  1  5   4-15 -11    4

All the Spurs Stats you could hope for here! THFC6061 Sports Stats

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