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Spurs Odyssey Reviews the Premier League Season
for 2017-2018 - Matchday 12

Copybooks blotted all round

There has been plenty of analysis and head-shaking over Saturday's defeat against Arsenal, and as indicated in my preview of tomorrow's Champions League game in Dortmund, we fans, and our beloved Spurs team need to re-group and get on with Mauricio Pochettino's "project". That project remains to try to win the Premier League and/or (yes, this is the ambition) the Champions League, or at least to ensure that we have Champions League football next season in our brand spanking new stadium.

Obviously the Premier League element of the project took a severe knock on Saturday. With Manchester City racing away with a +33 goal difference after only 12 games, it is hard to see anyone seriously challenging them at this time. It is very early in the season though, and professionals like "Poch" will be focussing upon reaping maximum points from our next and following games, including December 16th at The Etihad.

Suffice to say that copybooks were blotted all round and reflected in the grades of the players, manager and the officials, led by alleged Spurs fan Mike Dean.

There was one significant exception to the above statement, and that was the excellent performance given by Davinson Sanchez who was deservedly and cleary voted the Spurs man of the match - "our best player by a mile" was one of the comments offered in the post-match survey.

As for the rest of the players, their scores were well below average and therefore not acceptable, especially in a "North" London derby. Dele Alli, who has been everybody's darling over the last two seasons, has been extremely average over the season to date, and neither he or world Cup hat-trick hero Christian Eriksen could even muster 5 out of 10. Even Harry Kane could only just manage 5, and he is our best player so far this season, although he hasn't scored since 22nd October against Liverpool.

Mauricio Pochettino did not emerge unscathed by criticism, and Mike Dean recorded his worst ever assessment by Spurs fans over the last (nearly) 8 years and 33 games in charge of Spurs.

On the plus side, we are still above Arsenal; we are in a Champions League top four place, and we know we will be playing in the elite European tournament in the New Year.

West Ham's project to play Championship Football in The London Stadium is making good progress with David Moyes ( who has basically failed in his last three managerial posts) not enjoying his 500th Premier League game as a manager at Watford. The angst of the West Ham fans was apparently aimed at their board, but I did hear a chant of "You're not fit to wear the shirt" after they went 2-0 down. Happy days!

Tony Pulis became the fifth Premier League manager this season to lose his job, after losing 4-0 at home to Chelsea, but primarily for his side's poor form in 11 consecutive games without a win, and in fact only two Premier league wins in the last 21 games. Once again Spurs will have to deal with "new manager syndrome" on Saturday, although stand-in Gary Megson does not exactly have a formidable record. Those already seeking the odds on a Spurs win tomorrow or on Saturday should first check That's a goal betting tips to assess their chances.

See the spursometer in full.

Did you know? - Prior to Saturday's game we had not played a Premier League match on November 18th since 1995. That game was also against Arsenal, but this one was played at The Lane, and was a happier event, as we came back from a Dennis Bergkamp goal to win 2-1 with goals by Teddy Sheringham and Chris Armstrong.

Results 18-20.11.17

Arsenal    2-0   Spurs
B'mouth    4-0   Hds'field
Burnley    2-0   Swansea
C. Palace  2-2   Everton
Leicester  0-2   Man City
Liverpool  3-0   S'hampton
West Brom  0-4   Chelsea
Man Utd    4-1   Newcastle
Watford    2-0   West  Ham
Brighton   2-2   Stoke

      Premier League Table - 2017-18

               P  W  D  L   F-A   GD   Pts

 1. Man City  12 11  1  0  40-7   33   34
 2. Man Utd   12  8  2  2  27-6   21   26
 3. Chelsea   12  8  1  3  23-10  13   25
 4. Spurs     12  7  2  3  20-9   11   23
 5. Liverpool 12  6  4  2  24-17   7   22
 6. Arsenal   12  7  1  4  22-16   6   22
 7. Burnley   12  6  4  2  12-9    3   22
 8. Watford   12  5  3  4  19-21  -2   18
 9. Brighton  12  4  4  4  13-13   0   16
10. H'dsfield 12  4  3  5   8-17  -9   15
11. Newcastle 12  4  2  6  11-14  -3   14
12. Leicester 12  3  4  5  16-18  -2   13
13. B'mouth   12  4  1  7  11-14  -3   13
14. S'hampton 12  3  4  5   9-14  -5   13
15. Stoke     12  3  4  5  15-24  -9   13
16. Everton   12  3  3  6  12-24 -12   12
17. West Brom 12  2  4  6   9-18  -9   10
18. West Ham  12  2  3  7  11-25 -14    9
19. Swansea   12  2  2  8   7-15  -8    8
20. C. Palace 12  1  2  9   6-24 -18    5

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